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We arm 40,000 security professionals across 22 industries and six continents to lower their cyber risk.

“All CSOs are fundamentally trying to protect data. You can protect data and you can respond to things … or you can actually try to get ahead of protecting it by being preventative. We get that information from Recorded Future.”

Amanda Fennell

Chief Security Officer


Hogan Lovells Triages Security Alerts Faster With Recorded Future

Hear Zachary Hinkel of Hogan Lovells explain how integrating Recorded Future into its security stack speeds up alert triage and decision making.

“We do a lot of enrichment with Recorded Future. It allows us to prioritize alerts, prioritize risk scores for patching, a lot of things that would be hard to do with individual tools. Recorded Future allows us to integrate its information into those tools to help make educated decisions on how we handle either a threat or an incident.”

Zachary Hinkel

Global Cyber Threat Manager

Hogan Lovells

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hinkel lovells

“I have used Recorded Future at multiple companies now, and it has made a major impact. Currently the IOC enrichment is my number one use case that helps our orchestration and automation flow.”

Global Threat Intelligence Manager

Large North American Service Company

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“We are able to turn information into intelligence using Recorded Future, and this enables our business to make more informed decisions.”

Paul McEvatt

Senior Cyber Threat Intelligence Manager


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“Recorded Future helps save us time and money, freeing up resource to strategically focus only on relevant cyber threats.”

INDUSTRY: financial services

“Recorded Future Fusion is a breakthrough in threat intelligence, adding tremendous value to our client’s ability to manage cyber risk.”


“Recorded Future gives us decision-making awareness. It enables SOC (security operations center) managers, or risk managers, to be proactive by aligning threat assessment and analysis, and partner integration capability so they can make those timely proactive, or sometimes reactive, decisions.”

INDUSTRY: software

What Our Clients
Say About Us

Recorded Future’s unique approach to delivering threat intelligence makes our products and services a valuable resource for our clients’ security. A recent independent survey revealed that more than 90 percent of our user base would recommend us.

“It’s one of my most powerful and versatile tools.”

“Provides excellent intelligence that is difficult to obtain any other cost-effective way.”

“We’re a medical innovator that has seen major streamlining in SOC analyst performance using Recorded Future, making a 50 percent savings in analyst time for investigation of malicious indicators.”

INDUSTRY: pharma

“By using Recorded Future to gain invaluable insight into emerging threats we’ve achieved a 50 percent reduction in the time it takes to compile and share intelligence reports.”

INDUSTRY: services

“Threat intelligence from Recorded Future helps us create a forward-looking strategy for prioritizing cyber threats. Their technology acquires difficult-to-find data quickly, reducing collection time by 400–500 percent.”

INDUSTRY: telecom


“Fusion provides a tool where we can put all those IOCs in one place to analyze at the same time, so we don’t just have to analyze an attacker or network infrastructure, as opposed to their malware.”

Senior Manager of Gap’s Cyber Defense Center


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