Get Threat Intelligence on the Go With the Recorded Future Mobile App

Posted: 23rd April 2019
Get Threat Intelligence on the Go With the Recorded Future Mobile App

A question: What time of day do cyberattacks happen most frequently?

If you don’t know the answer, that’s okay — neither do we. When thinking about how to optimize your security practices, it might not even be a helpful question to ask. In one university study, four test computers set up with weak security were attacked 2,244 times a day, or every 39 seconds on average. At that frequency, does it really matter whether a few more attacks are happening at 5:00 in the afternoon or 8:00 in the morning?

The job of security professionals today is no easy thing. We have to contend with cyberattacks occurring increasingly often, across a widening threat landscape that includes a growing number of insecure internet-of-things (IoT) devices. And there’s a persistent, and worsening, skills and experience gap in the industry, meaning these problems cannot be resolved by simply hiring more people. Effective security today requires scaling up with automation, working more efficiently, asking the right questions, and having the tools to answer them — fast.

One of the greatest values of threat intelligence is that it provides the context needed to do exactly that — ask the right questions and get meaningful, actionable answers. Questions of how to prioritize alerts and sort out false positives, determine whether a data breach affects your organization, and more can all be answered with the right threat intelligence, but it only matters if you can get access to that threat intelligence fast enough to do something about it.

That’s why we’re releasing our new mobile app as a feature to arm security professionals with the threat intelligence they need to make informed decisions quickly, no matter where they are or what time it is.


The Recorded Future Mobile App

The unfortunate truth is that cyberattacks do not come on any convenient schedule, but happen at all hours of the day or night. But whenever they do come, response time is often critical down to the minute. Security professionals are not automatons, however (not yet, anyway). Everyone has to take care of basic human needs like eating, sleeping, or just not being on the clock for every waking moment.

Sometimes, that means a critical alert is going to pop up at an inopportune time. Evaluating that kind of alert takes research, which requires resources that are usually not accessible without a computer. The Recorded Future mobile app provides immediate access to threat intelligence, right in your phone.


In the app, you’ll get access to all the research you need on the go. That includes not only research from our own Insikt Group — everything from their flash reports and threat actor summaries to in-depth research — but also your custom analyst notes. Analyst-On-Demand reports you’ve ordered also appear right in the app, alongside constantly updating cyber news.

The mobile app includes the following features:

  • Home Screen Experience: The home screen includes research from Insikt Group, cyber news, and malware trends, helping you stay up to date, fast.
  • Intelligence Cards™: The mobile app provides access to the hundreds of millions of Intelligence Cards™ in Recorded Future, covering threat actor profiles, IP addresses, hashes, CVEs, domains, and more.
  • Risk Scoring: The mobile app supports searching for entities with risk scores, allowing you to narrow your search to the Intelligence Cards™ with risk scoring information, Insikt Group notes, your own Analyst Notes, and more, making refined searches simpler and less time-consuming.

Now Available: Alerting

We’re constantly improving the app to make it an even more invaluable resource for Recorded Future clients. One of the most significant updates we’ve made is alerting. Through the app, you are able to receive priority alerts as push notifications on your phone, allowing you to take action or immediately assign them to team members. Alongside direct access to threat intelligence through Intelligence Cards™, you’re able to quickly triage and prioritize alerts, too.

Recorded Future clients can download the Recorded Future mobile app on Google Play for Android and the App Store for iOS devices.