Stop Threats. Save Time. Reduce Costs! The Real-Life Impact of Intelligence

Posted: 2nd December 2021

The days of old where security teams had endless budgets to try and thwart threats—both known and unknown—have now been replaced with mandates to be judicious with budgets, people, and technology investments. All of these factors are often in short supply and require a strategic approach in order to be proactive in preventing threats and at the same time mitigating both risk and costs.

At Recorded Future we are committed to helping our customers across every industry and geography be able to do more with the technology and people they have as the intelligence we provide is a force multiplier.  We firmly believe intelligence is the equalizer and is the only way to stay ahead of adversaries looking to do damage to your business, either directly from attacks or indirectly by tarnishing your reputation and trust with your customers. How? Recorded Future has technology and people continuously scanning the digital world to collect, collate, and provide real-time context on threats—in whatever form they may take. We then present this to your teams within existing workflows so they can make critical decisions to prevent attacks and protect what matters most to you. 

To help illustrate measurable benefits our customers can experience with the real-time intelligence available in the Recorded Future Platform, or directly via integrations, we commissioned a Total Economic Impact™ Study conducted by Forrester Consulting. Forrester Consulting independently interviewed multiple customers from various industries in order to conduct a thorough analysis and create a financial model that helps illustrate the potential benefits users are able to realize.     

Based upon the study’s findings, interviewed customers who have invested in the Recorded Future Platform have been able to realize benefits which include greater security operations efficiency, greater proactive measures to stay ahead of threats, and better defense of their brand value.  With intelligence, customers are able to streamline their security workflows from both a human perspective (security analysts) and from an automated perspective via SIEM and SOAR integrations while reducing the number of threat feeds they have in place.

The Total Economic Impact study brings to light how intelligence from Recorded Future can provide customers with the following benefits:

 - Reduce security investigations by 40%
 - Avoid security breaches due to early detection 
 - Reduce the number of <a href="" rel="noopener">threat intelligence feeds</a> for your security team
 - Shift investigations to more junior SecOps analysts by 50% or $170k in savings per year
 - Identify and prioritize critical vulnerabilities
 - Prevent brand impacted cost by over $213k per year

To help understand the benefits you may experience with intelligence from Recorded Future please be sure to get a full copy of The Total Economic Impact™ of Recorded Future Intelligence Platform.   Learn firsthand from customers how intelligence is truly the security equalizer and is often the difference between becoming a potential victim and proactively preventing damage from threats.