Recorded Future’s ServiceNow Integration Provides a Threat-Centric View of Third-Party Risk

Posted: 20th November 2019

As your ecosystem of third parties, contractors, and partners grows in size and complexity, you’ve likely embraced new ways to manage third-party risk. Many organizations have adopted governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) technology to consolidate risk information from internal and external sources and better understand their third-party risk landscape. However, even with these tools in place, it can be difficult to maintain the relevant, real-time data required to feed these systems.

We’ve expanded our integration portfolio with ServiceNow to bridge this gap and help expedite security and risk teams’ decision-making processes. This enhanced integration, available now in the ServiceNow App Store, provides security teams with a true measure of risk by delivering context in real time so intelligence stays relevant and integrates seamlessly with ServiceNow.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at three important use cases supported by Recorded Future’s ServiceNow Third-Party Risk Management application.

Third-Party Onboarding Assessments

Evaluating potential partners can be a time-consuming, nebulous process. Third parties often provide written self-assessments that are inherently biased and only provide a point-in-time view of risk. With Recorded Future, risk management teams can access real-time information on the third party’s current risk standings — such as cyber risk scores and supporting evidence — directly in ServiceNow.

Key Benefits for ServiceNow Clients: These real-time insights help risk teams validate the accuracy of partner-provided information, assess third parties’ holistic risk standing, speed up due diligence, and more confidently onboard new third parties.

Real-Time Continuous Monitoring

Risk management teams can continuously monitor for risk intelligence on every third-party organization in their ecosystems — from corporate emails, credentials, and company mentions found on the dark web — directly from a dashboard within ServiceNow. Third-party risk information is automatically collected from the broadest range of sources and analyzed to create a simple, quantifiable risk score that represents a company’s risk and security posture. Updated in real time, these risk scores help risk teams accelerate prioritization and remediation.

Key Benefits for ServiceNow Clients: Teams can synchronize Recorded Future data into ServiceNow for custom tracking and reporting of third-party cyber risk, helping them continuously understand their weakest links and identify more third-party threats before impact. Additionally, by automating monitoring processes, teams can streamline workflows and boost operational efficiency.

Risk Remediation

Access to unlimited Company Intelligence Cards™ gives ServiceNow clients a complete, real-time picture of their risk landscape. We tie Recorded Future risk rules to specific threats facing each third party, so you know about new threats and their severity immediately.

Key Benefits for ServiceNow Clients: By eliminating the need to manually research and aggregate information on risks to third parties, teams can reduce investigation time and mitigate issues faster. Additionally, when a threat is surfaced, they can immediately address the issue with the third party with full transparency and context, based on their internal policies.

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You can get unmatched, real-time risk intelligence delivered right in your ServiceNow dashboard so you can complete risk assessments 50% faster, resolve third-party threats 63% quicker, and realize a 10x gain in risk analyst productivity. Learn more about how ServiceNow helps amplify incident response and threat intelligence.