Recorded Future’s Enhanced Partnership With ServiceNow Reduces Organizational Risk

October 22, 2019 • The Recorded Future Team

We’re excited to announce two new ways that Recorded Future is teaming up with ServiceNow to expedite security professionals’ decision-making processes across security operations and risk management programs. By layering our rich security intelligence across ServiceNow’s existing applications, we can centralize intelligence, simplify security workflows, and empower our mutual clients to make smarter, faster decisions — and that’s imperative when it comes to effective cybersecurity.

Recorded Future is now integrating into ServiceNow’s security incident response and threat intelligence applications for security operations and third-party risk management.

Rapid Context for Faster Incident Response in ServiceNow

By layering Recorded Future’s rich security data into ServiceNow’s security incident response and threat intelligence applications, clients can correlate and analyze their internal risk data against the widest breadth of open, technical, and dark web sources. This simplifies workflows, reduces risk, and arms them with the ability to identify incidents earlier — and resolve them faster.

Our data is updated in real time and provides contextualized threat intelligence, which is essential to a proactive security strategy. For example, Recorded Future can monitor and alert you on risks related to your company (such as newly registered typosquatting domains, leaked credentials found on the dark web, and suspected phishing emails). These alerts trigger the creation of incidents within ServiceNow’s security operations solution, so security professionals can document the actions taken for remediation and audit purposes.

As a result of this integration, ServiceNow users can now improve incident response times by 63%, identify 22% more security threats before impact, and utilize real-time alerting to identify threats 10 times faster.

Smarter Third-Party Risk Management in ServiceNow

A business is only as secure as its third-party partners. Recorded Future’s integration provides risk management teams with access to real-time information on their third parties’ cyber risk standings and a more complete picture of their risk landscape. When a threat is detected, risk management teams can use the rich intelligence gathered by Recorded Future to respond swiftly and transparently, armed with evidence and context, in order to mitigate issues faster.

This is Recorded Future’s second third-party risk integration after RSA Archer GRC, further empowering our clients to utilize external threat intelligence in risk management workflows to uncover third-party threats faster and increase risk analyst productivity tenfold.

This Is Only The Beginning

These exciting integrations are just the start of a much larger partnership between Recorded Future and ServiceNow. Stay tuned for information about enhancements and additional integrations between the Recorded Future and ServiceNow platforms in the upcoming months.

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