SC Media Approves Our Threat Intelligence Product

Posted: 18th January 2017
SC Media Approves Our Threat Intelligence Product

“This is one solid powerhouse.”

Here at Recorded Future we know our product helps threat intelligence analysts across the globe be more effective and efficient. But there’s nothing like the feeling you get when an independent and respected entity used your product and dubs it “a ‘must have’ for any serious threat analyst.”

In his review of Recorded Future, SC Media technology editor Dr. Peter Stephenson calls out the thoroughness and ease of use of our offering. What impressed Stephenson the most, he writes, is “the breadth and depth” Recorded Future provides.

While he admits to first feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information presented on our Cyber Dashboard alone (we do collect and analyze data from over 750,000 open, technical, and dark web sources), Stephenson adds that simple, clear drop-down menus and “very well-organized columns” made him feel like an expert in no time.

For their demo, Stephenson and his team decided to investigate the currently popular Grizzly Steppe to see what Recorded Future could furnish in comparison and in addition to other tools they use. By using Recorded Future’s drill-down features, references, and Intelligence Cards™, Stephenson writes, “we learned more about our subject — Grizzly Steppe — than with all of our other tools (except for our link analyzer) combined.”

In addition to the amount of data available through Recorded Future, the SC team was enticed by how our tool allows them to manipulate, correlate, and build full and customized reports from the data. Doing so provides the contextualization necessary for threat intelligence analysts and security operations center (SOC) analysts to take action against emerging threats.

For additional insight on what makes Recorded Future unique, watch this two-minute video:

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To read the entire product review, head over to SC Media. To schedule your own demo and see for yourself how Recorded Future serves up critical data on attackers, targets, tactics, and indicators of compromise, request a demo today.