How to Apply Elite Intelligence to AWS Security Services

Posted: 20th November 2020
How to Apply Elite Intelligence to AWS Security Services

Threat intelligence is a powerful tool to detect nation state-level activity, however many organizations struggle to use it effectively in their security programs. The most successful threat intelligence programs integrate elite security intelligence with detection and prevention tools and gain actionable, real-time context that drives fast, confident decision-making.

Disrupt Malicious Activity and Block Unauthorized Behavior With Recorded Future and AWS

At Recorded Future's Predict 2020 conference, Trish Cagliostro, head of business development — worldwide public sector for security services at Amazon Web Services (AWS), demonstrated how to apply elite security intelligence from Recorded Future to AWS security services. She illustrated examples of what Recorded Future is capable of in GuardDuty, Security Hub, and Detective to highlight the dramatic time savings for threat identification and remediation efforts. Watch that full session here:

By integrating elite intelligence from Recorded Future directly into Amazon security services, security teams are empowered to accelerate and amplify efforts around:

  • Triage and Alert Research. Accelerate triage, reduce time-to-verdict, and avoid unnecessary escalations.
  • Incident Investigation. Improve context with real-time risk scores and evidence, easily dive into additional context with one click, and rapidly surface correlated behavior.
  • Threat Hunting. Simplify data collection, aggregation, and pivoting to quickly detect malware, C&C, phishing, and other malicious activity.

Recorded Future enables Amazon clients to identify 22% more security threats before impact, resolve security threats 63% faster, and increase team efficiency by 32%. Learn more about these powerful Recorded Future and AWS integrations here.