News & Intelligence When You Need It Now on Our Mobile App

Posted: 8th May 2023
By: Danny Volker and Gili Gonczarowski
News & Intelligence When You Need It Now on Our Mobile App

Today, users will notice something new upon opening the Recorded Future mobile app: the full archive of reporting across Recorded Future News is now available on-the-go for all mobile users!

From the latest coverage on The Record to deep-dive investigations featured in the Click Here podcast, mobile users can now read, bookmark, and share all the latest news and reports directly from the app.

The mobile app update was pushed live across the Apple App Store and Google Play this morning and is available now for immediate download.

Independent, objective, global reporting

Since launching in August 2020, Recorded Future News has quickly become one of the most trusted sources of independent, global cybersecurity news reporting.

News when you need it

Navigate the fast-changing world of cybersecurity and intelligence by enabling push notifications within the Recorded Future mobile app and never miss a headline from Recorded Future News.

Not a client? You can still read on the go

For the first time, readers of Recorded Future News who are not clients of the Intelligence Cloud can download, read, bookmark and share all of the latest news and headlines from the Recorded Future mobile app. Simply download and enjoy at no cost!