Elite Intelligence Ascends to the Cloud With Recorded Future and Microsoft Azure

Posted: 11th August 2020
Elite Intelligence Ascends to the Cloud With Recorded Future and Microsoft Azure

New business realities and widespread remote work models are driving even greater reliance on cloud infrastructure and services. More than ever, organizations are viewing the cloud as a critical digital transformation enabler — and an integral part of their continuity plans.

As companies race to migrate their data, applications, and resources to the cloud, the attack surface is expanding rapidly. If resource-strapped security operations and incident response teams didn’t already have enough on their plates, they’re now also responsible for defending these dynamic environments from evolving cyber threats. With too little time and minimal visibility (at best), these teams struggle to connect the dots and disrupt adversaries before they impact the business.

Today, Recorded Future announced a new partnership with Microsoft Azure, bringing elite security intelligence to the cloud and empowering security teams with the real-time, actionable context they need to successfully defend their organizations.

Unprecedented intelligence from Recorded Future is now accessible directly within the popular Microsoft cloud services these teams already use and trust, such as Azure Sentinel and Defender for Endpoint. With real-time, easily consumable context at their fingertips, security teams are empowered to become agile defenders through automated processes that:

  • Accelerate Alert Triage and Investigation. Confidently prioritize what matters most to efficiently resolve Microsoft Sentinel alerts while driving down false positives to improve efficiency.
  • Detect Threats Fast. Spend less time researching and more time remediating by correlating external intelligence against internal telemetry data and layering elite security intelligence on top of internal activity in Microsoft Azure Sentinel. This provides analysts with visibility into technical indicators — and empowers them to make prioritization decisions based on a real-time Recorded Future risk score that is backed by transparent evidence.
  • Block Threats Before Impact. Access high-confidence intelligence on malicious indicators identified across an unrivaled range of open, closed, and technical sources. This enables Microsoft Defender for Endpoint users to validate known risky indicators currently living on endpoints, and proactively block threats in their Microsoft cloud environment before they become real issues.

The Recorded Future Security Intelligence Platform enables collaboration across security functions and a single authoritative source for all of your intelligence needs. Learn how to maximize your Microsoft Azure investment while focusing efforts on high-priority security gaps to reduce risk and enabling better business outcomes.