Introducing Identity Intelligence from Recorded Future

Posted: 12th October 2021
Introducing Identity Intelligence from Recorded Future

For years, security practices were structured around protecting a company’s critical infrastructure and assets by working to secure the perimeter. The assumption was that if you prevented someone from accessing your network with robust controls, then you could trust the people on the network to perform privileged actions. This was the model of a castle - where you construct a moat and strong walls - but this model does not scale to the distributed and often cloud-based applications that are used within enterprises today.

As organizations face an expanding threat landscape, unprecedented level of attacks, and have countless devices all connected to each other without clear perimeters, verifying user identities and controlling access to sensitive data is both critical and difficult to achieve. The rapid growth in remote work and digital interactions in recent years, compounded by dynamic ecosystems of employees, customers, and partners, has introduced new challenges for security and IT teams responsible for securing identities. 

Stolen corporate data, such as user credentials, regularly ends up on paste sites and dark web channels. Cybercriminals often purchase leaked credentials from these sources in hopes of gaining a foothold into organizations, so they can install ransomware or exfiltrate intellectual property. Unable to monitor the dark web for sensitive information on their own, organizations are not able to be proactive and left exposed to financial, legal, and reputational consequences.

Disrupt Adversaries with the Source of Truth for Digital Identities

Today, Recorded Future announced the release of the Identity Intelligence module to support our clients in building an intelligence-driven approach for identity fraud prevention that disrupts adversaries before damage can be done. This expansion of the Recorded Future Intelligence Platform further enables clients to build holistic, security programs across a wide range of business areas within the enterprise with actionable, relevant insights.

The Recorded Future Identity Intelligence module enables security and IT teams to detect identity compromises, for both employees and customers, and respond confidently — without any manual research. Recorded Future automates the collection, analysis, and production of intelligence from a vast range of open source, dark web, and technical sources, and then combines it with world-class research to help drive an accelerated response by your security team. 

Armed with real-time identity insights, such as password length and complexity, security and IT teams are able to quickly prioritize identity threats and initiate downstream response workflows, integrated directly into their existing security and identity tools. This approach offers an unmatched source of truth for identity authenticity, empowering analysts to dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes to detect, investigate, and respond to identity fraud:

Prevent Account Takeover

As threat actors become increasingly sophisticated, verifying user identities and controlling access is more challenging than ever before. The intelligence-lead approach to account takeover prevention provided by Recorded Future’s Identity Intelligence module eliminates the need to manually aggregate, correlate, and triage identity information, and empowers analysts to dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes to detect and block account takeover attempts.

Protect Employee Identities

Compromised data —including leaked and stolen credentials—is often not discovered until it is actively being used to attack an organization. Armed with Identity Intelligence and real-time evidence on identity compromises, security and IT teams are able to quickly detect threats and initiate downstream response workflows with out-of-the-box playbooks that can be implemented in any security tool. 

Detect Customer Identity Fraud

Your customers and partners expect their identities to be protected against fraudulent activities. Failure to do so could result in financial, legal, and reputational damage for your organization. Identity Intelligence automates monitoring and verification of customer and supply chain partner identities during critical events, such as account creation or password resets, proactively shining a light on fraudulent activities before damage occurs. 

Relevant insights, updated in real time, empower security and IT teams to disrupt adversaries and prevent damage to their organization. By centralizing and continuously updating intelligence in real time, Recorded Future Identity Intelligence enables security and IT teams to identify relevant threats and respond confidently with, disrupting adversaries with the source of truth for digital identities. To learn more or request a live demo of the Identity Intelligence module, visit