Monitor and Tackle Threats to Your Brand With New Takedown Features in Recorded Future

Posted: 12th July 2018

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in July 2018 and no longer accurately represents the takedown services offered by Recorded Future. To learn more, visit

Threat actors can attack your brand head-on by impersonating your social media accounts, setting up fraudulent websites, and creating typosquats made to look like your domains. These fake domains are often set up just to generate revenue from “accidental” web traffic, but beware — typosquatted domains could be a risk to your brand reputation if they host offensive content or post fake news using your company’s trademarks.

In the worst-case scenario, these domains host malware or direct users to give away their credentials, representing a serious security risk to your company and your customers. Because this is a particularly popular tactic in spear phishing campaigns, a comprehensive threat intelligence strategy should incorporate the capability to monitor, identify, and respond to these kinds of potential risks. For example, Recorded Future monitors for fraudulent domains, fake mobile applications, and other threats to your brand.

With extensive access to volumes of new domain registration data and monitoring of social media sites in real time, Recorded Future customers receive real-time alerts on threats to their brand using robust pattern search and DNS name permutation detection capabilities. Alert types include hashtags, domain names, and social media accounts that attempt to damage or impersonate the brand.

Main PhishPortal Dashboard

The main PhishPortal dashboard page allows you to track takedown status and metrics.

Once you identify these threats to your brand (through domain monitoring or hashtag monitoring, for example), it is time to take action and reduce risk. Swift remediation action is not always easy, however, because it requires internal resources as well as business connections with providers. To make this easier, we have partnered with an industry-leading managed takedown service provider to offer takedown services. This means that you can now use Recorded Future to request removal of malicious or fraudulent content or domains abusing your company’s brand.

Reporting an Incident in PhishPortal Dashboard

You can request a takedown by reporting an incident in the PhishPortal dashboard.

PhishPortal Incident Dashboard

The PhishPortal incident dashboard shows you details of all your open takedown requests.

Tracking Incidents in PhishPortal Dashboard

The PhishPortal allows you to track the details of each incident.

With the addition of takedown services, Recorded Future offers a complete solution for brand protection — an important, but too often overlooked, aspect of a comprehensive security strategy. To learn more about using Recorded Future for brand protection, request a personalized demo.

Cody Barrow

Cody Barrow is a product manager at Recorded Future.