Reveal Relevant
Intelligence in Real Time

Intelligence relevant to your organization is out there — from compromised credentials, customer data, and payment card information, to new vulnerabilities and exploits. But relying on open source tools or ad hoc approaches to monitor for this information will likely be time-consuming, generate noisy false positives, and miss hard-to-reach sources.

Brand Monitoring

Get Rapidly Alerted About Risks to Your Brand

Intelligence collected from such a wide array of sources helps you identify risks to potential brand damage or data breaches. Our technology monitors and alerts you in real time to threats like domains registered for typosquatting, malicious twitter hashtags, or fake apps in mobile app stores that could all put your brand at risk.

Brand Monitoring

A Sensor on the Widest Breadth of Sources

By configuring our technology to continuously monitor for threat-related references to your brand, industry, or technologies, you’ll have a sensor on the widest breadth of threat data sources, including paste sites and the dark web.

Brand Monitoring

Cut Through the Noise

Our machine learning and natural language processing can read the language of cyber threats. This moves your monitoring lightyears beyond simple keyword matching to identify relationships between emerging threats and your own brand and infrastructure.