The Symbiotic Relationship Between Brand Intelligence and Brand Trust

Posted: 11th February 2021
The Symbiotic Relationship Between Brand Intelligence and Brand Trust

A brand is a company’s most important asset, and if done right, the ultimate competitive advantage. Beyond a name or logo; an organization’s brand also incorporates how it makes people feel and its trustworthiness. Brand trust relies heavily on the relationship a company has developed and nurtured with its customers. There is a laundry list of things that impact this relationship, including customer experience, product experience, and value.

Break that trust and there may be immediate, severe consequences.

For example, according to PwC, 87% of consumers will take their business elsewhere if they don’t trust that a company is handling their personal data responsibly. A brand that has been methodically built over many years and decades can be destroyed overnight when the trust contract is damaged as a result of a successful cyber attack. From brand and executive impersonation to typosquat websites, to account harvesting campaigns, there are many ways a motivated actor can severely damage or destroy a brand.

Because of this, all parts of an organization are responsible for defending the brand. It’s not just marketing’s problem, it’s everyone’s problem.

In an exclusive interview, Deirdre Bigley, CMO of Bloomberg, talks about the critical role of cybersecurity in protecting and maintaining brand trust.

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