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We’re a web intelligence company and our goal is to make smart people smarter.

Who We Are

We are a start-up company headquartered in Cambridge, MA with offices in Arlington, VA and Gothenburg, Sweden. Our team includes computer scientists, statisticians, linguists, and technical business people with deep expertise in areas such as intelligence and security. We’re committed to organizing the web in a radically new and useful way.

What We Do

Recorded Future supports web intelligence “soup to nuts,” from source collection and processing to analysis and reporting. Our patented software empowers large organizations and government agencies interested in cyber security, corporate security, and competitive intelligence to anticipate risks and capitalize on opportunities.

Why We Exist

Our mission is to organize open source information for analysis. Whether you’re conducting intelligence research, competing in business, or monitoring the horizon for situational awareness, the web is loaded with valuable predictive signals. Our products help analysts across many industries make sense of the overwhelming trove of information.


The web, updated constantly by millions of people every day, provides the richest, real-time awareness about what’s happening around the globe. Our web intelligence platform organizes all of this disparate (public) information drawn from news, blogs, social media, and more to reveal signals in the noise of the web.

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How We Help

Our services support work on specific intelligence problems and research areas.

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