Proactively protect against ransomware attacks

Detect ransomware attacks in their early stages to put in relevant controls, mitigate risk and protect your organization.

Proactively protect against ransomware attacks

Ransomware attacks increased by over 70% in 2023. Organizations are impacted by a huge volume of alerts, lack of attack surface visibility, and inability to track attackers. Use real-time ransomware threat landscape information to detect and mitigate ransomware attacks proactively.
Ransomware attacks increased by over 70% in 2023

Do you know your organization’s attack surface?

76% of organizations experienced an attack that started with the exploit of an unknown or improperly managed internet-facing asset. Your attack surface is growing and changing, requiring real-time visibility for awareness.

Gain real-time comprehensive visibility into the evolving ransomware threat landscape with Recorded Future’s ransomware solution
Gain comprehensive visibility into your attack surface

Provide your security team with comprehensive visibility into your organization’s attack surface to quickly discover and mitigate exposures that may be exploited by malicious attackers.

Are you missing ransomware signals?

97% of analysts worry they'll miss an event because it was buried in a flood of alerts. Security teams struggle to rise above the noise, understand attack characteristics, and prioritize relevant events.

Prioritize alerts to accelerate detection & response
Prioritize alerts to accelerate detection & response

Reduce alert noise and prioritize the alerts that matter to you. Identify patterns across multiple IOCs and automate remediation through integrations with your existing security workflows and tools.

How do you keep up with changing ransomware tactics?

The ransomware landscape, threat actors, TTPs, and targets change frequency. To keep up, organizations must look beyond their internal tools and widen their aperture.

Real-time visibility into the evolving ransomware threat landscape
Real-time visibility into the evolving ransomware threat landscape

Gain comprehensive and real-time visibility into your relevant ransomware landscape including bad actors, their TTPs, targets and intent so you can stay ahead and protect your organization.

Recorded Future benefits


of clients have a better understanding of their threat landscape


hours saved per user per week on threat mitigation efforts


increase in team’s capacity


faster at identifying a new threat

“The ability to identify vulnerabilities in niche technologies used in the industry has also been of high value to us. If a device vulnerability is targeted by ransomware actors, the alert is passed to the technology teams to let them know that not only is there a vulnerability, but it’s being targeted by ransomware, and they need to take the necessary steps to discontinue the use of that device.”

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Visualize ransomware trends

Access insights on ransomware groups and victims, and understand the trending TTPs being employed by attackers

Visualize Ransomware Trends with Recorded Future’s Anti-Ransomware Software Solution
Launch a proactive posture to mitigating ransomware with Recorded Future today!

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