Certified Analyst Lab

The goal of the Certified Analyst Lab is to create analysts who are able to answer difficult information security research questions. Through creative thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills, attendees will unlock the full potential of the Recorded Future® Platform, locate relevant data, create information, and generate intelligence using advanced workflows.

Certified Analyst Lab

About the Course

The Certified Analyst Lab is an advanced-level course. The training is conducted virtually. Each day will be a combination of live instruction, group discussions, and hands-on activities. Attendees will complete daily knowledge checks and a final cumulative exam in Recorded Future University.


  • Learn and use Advanced Query building methods
  • Learn and use multi-section queries
  • Understand event types and create visualizations
  • Utilize an alert workflow to return relevant information
  • Create and surface Analyst Notes for reporting
  • Leverage data for threat hunting and threat tracking

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