Proactively Prevent Payment Fraud Losses

The market for payment fraud is a multi-billion dollar industry impacting merchants, cardholders, and financial institutions. Unlike reactive controls that kick in after fraud has occurred, Recorded Future Payment Fraud Intelligence proactively detects attacker infrastructure, compromised points of purchase, and stolen card data to help prevent fraud before it happens.

Proactively Prevent Payment Fraud Losses

Stay one step ahead of fraudsters

Gain visibility on compromised merchants

Through proactive domain scanning and detailed technical and card data analysis, Magecart Overwatch provides near real-time visibility into newly breached e-commerce domains, attacker infrastructure, and exposed cards.

Block transactions coming from stolen cards

Real-time collection of exposed payment cards allows for the automated identification of at-risk accounts. By detecting compromised cards two to three weeks before fraudsters attempt to monetize them, Recorded Future Payment Fraud Intelligence helps financial institutions to take preemptive action and prevent fraud before it occurs.

Diagnose Common Points of Purchase (CPPs)

Reveal the full impact of a breached merchant to address critical questions: How long was the merchant breached? How many cards were exposed? Is the merchant still under attack? Since malicious actors often release compromised cards in small batches to both mask their activity and not flood the market, it’s important to have thorough analysis of compromised merchants.

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