Cyber and physical threats are converging

Understanding and protecting an ever-growing attack surface is more complex than ever. With threats emerging from many angles — cyber and physical — organizations must also assess the business risk of cyber attacks, physical security, supply chain risks, reputational attacks, and more.

Intelligence from Recorded Future sheds light on the adversaries and their attack vectors while helping you understand your complex attack surface so you can prioritize and take action on the most credible threats.

Cyber and physical threats are converging

Intelligence-led direction for security teams

In today's world, threats evolve quickly across digital and physical landscapes. With so much information available, how do you know how to track the threats that matter? Businesses need relevant data with context — intelligence — to detect and respond to current threats. Intelligence enables businesses to proactively plan and execute strategies while remaining agile to adjust business course of actions.

Intelligence Enables Effective Automated Workflows

As organizations struggle with evolving threat landscape and convergence of threats, security teams are required to do more with less time and resources. Automation, enabled by intelligence, can help security teams focus on what matters most with workflows they can rely on.

Identify and eliminate business continuity risk

Supply chain issues and physical events outside your organization threaten your ability to conduct business and ensure reliable operations. Physical and supply chain threats are often hard to track, as intelligence gets siloed across security and risk teams. When the organization becomes aware of the threat, its severity is often only understood after it's too late. With real-time intelligence from Recorded Future, organizations can understand and monitor cyber, physical, and supply chain threats — share the intelligence, and take action before the threat can impact operations.

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