Threat Intelligence MachineTM

With billions of indexed facts, and more added every day, Recorded Future’s Threat Intelligence Machine makes use of machine learning and natural language processing (NLP), to continuously analyze threat data from a massive range of sources. We give you unmatched insight into emerging threats relevant to your organization.

Unrivaled Breadth of Sources

Threat data exists in a broad variety of sources. Our technology automatically and continuously harvests information from the widest collection of sources, combining them to deliver contextualized intelligence in real time.

Technical Data

Recorded Future scans and collects from a wide spectrum of technical threat data sources as well as originating our own data highlighting indicators of compromise (IOCs). References from these sources can drive valuable intelligence around malicious infrastructure like RAT controllers and phishing campaigns, and highlight vulnerable hosts and technology.

Open Source Intelligence

The open web is a mine of valuable threat intelligence. Recorded Future's technology can identify references and content connected to cyber threats from relevant published data. This set of sources includes social media, blogs, information security reporting, and mainstream news media.

Dark Web Monitoring

It takes humans time and energy to infiltrate and research more secretive dark web locations. Our technology scales this effort, collecting and analyzing intelligence from hard-to-access closed forums and marketplaces on the deep and dark web.

Intelligence That’s “Always On”

The machine processes this incoming information 24x7x365 and combines it with our unique knowledge base of threat data. This intelligence can then be applied to uncover specific risks to your organization.

Indexing and Understanding 350 Facts per Second

Our natural language processing reads and understands not just the meaning of words and technical data in multiple languages, but also uses our existing warehouse of more than 20 billion data points, going back to 2009, to identify patterns. It has learned the language of threats to cut through the noise of potential false positives.

Automatically Highlighting Notable Intelligence

To drive more efficient analysis and consumption of information, Recorded Future consolidates, summarizes, and visualizes intelligence in real time. Unlike static human analyst reports and threat feeds, our cyber ontology connects actors, malware, targets, IOCs, campaigns, and more.

99% Precision in Predicting Future Threat-Listed IP Addresses

Our machine learning technology generates predictive models that identify the likelihood of product vulnerabilities being exploited. We can also assess the risk of an IP address behaving maliciously in the future, even though no such activity has yet been observed.