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Proactive Threat Prevention With Certified Intelligence

The explosive growth of indicators means that threat feeds have to be high confidence and high fidelity to be actionable. With Recorded Future Security Control Feeds, organizations now have access to the quality indicators and context they need to automate action.

Operationalizing Trusted Intelligence

With Security Control Feeds, the unmatched scale of data gathered and analyzed by Recorded Future’s machine learning technology is then verified using advanced methodology developed by our data science group and our in-house research team, Insikt Group. What comes out of that analysis are proprietary, curated feeds made up of only high-confidence and trustworthy indicators that are able to predict and block attacks before they happen.

Detect and Block Threats Automatically

Enrich your proprietary and internal sources with Recorded Future certified intelligence to uncover new information with added context. Security Control Feeds provide high-fidelity threat data in a cohesive and easy-to-consume format, enabling all users to make confident security decisions in real time.

Relevance in Real Time

More isn’t better. Better is better. With Recorded Future, data in every language is analyzed and organized into insightful intelligence, directly relevant to your business, industry, and technology, thanks to our machine learning, natural language processing, and pattern recognition technology.

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