Unburden Analysts to Maximize Resources

Analysis is a key component of an effective threat hunting strategy, but many analysts are too involved with manual processes to research potential new indicators. This is not a productive use of a valuable human resource. Analysts need to focus on rapidly producing threat intelligence that enables organizations to proactively defend and effectively respond to emerging attacks.

Threat Hunting

Increased Visibility on Potential Attacks

It’s completely possible for organizations to be unaware that they’re the victim of a cyberattack or data breach. This is the power of external sources of intelligence in multiple languages. You can uncover relevant leaked data, corporate credentials, and phished employees, adding a vital layer of intelligence to identify the weaknesses an attacker could already be exploiting.

Threat Hunting

Connecting the Dots

Analysis of emerging threats includes identifying the relationships between threat actors, their methods, and their targets. Uncovering these links will enable you to see how vulnerabilities in technology are being exploited and weaponized by adversaries, and the real risk this poses to your organization.

Threat Hunting

Faster Analysis to Drive Proactive Security

Analysts are too often burdened with manual data collection and organization using a disparate range of open source tools. By automatically gathering and presenting threat content, we enable analysts to produce more accurate threat intelligence even faster.