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Recorded Future for Threat Hunting

Analysis is a key component of an effective threat hunting strategy, but many analysts are too involved with manual processes to research potential new indicators. This is not a productive use of a valuable human resource. Recorded Future helps eliminate manual research and surfaces intelligence in real time so analysts can focus on the high-value work for which they’re trained, and proactively defend against and effectively respond to emerging attacks.

Recorded Future for Threat Hunting

External Context for Increased Visibility

It’s completely possible for organizations to be unaware that they’re the victim of a cyberattack or data breach. External sources of intelligence in multiple languages give increased visibility: You can uncover relevant leaked data like AWS key mentions, project code names, corporate credentials, and phished employees, adding a vital layer of intelligence to identify the weaknesses an attacker could already be exploiting.

External Context for Increased Visibility

TTPs and the MITRE ATT&CK Framework

Recorded Future’s sophisticated algorithms help you quickly identify relationships between threat actors, their methods, and their targets to see how vulnerabilities in technology are being exploited and weaponized by adversaries and the real risk this poses to your organization. We’re also mapping things like malware analysis results to the MITRE ATT&CK framework to provide additional context for tactics and techniques.

TTPs and the MITRE ATTCK Framework

Curated Threat Hunting Data Sets

Recorded Future’s curated data sets deliver high-fidelity threat data, like known RAT controllers and command and control servers. Correlate this external data with your internal logs to better understand trends and emerging threats. Or use Recorded Future Fusion to customize these data sets and ingest them into your existing systems.

Curated Threat Hunting Datasets

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