Threat Research

Threat intelligence analysis enables you to prevent and mitigate emerging threats before they impact your business. Analysts, burdened by manual data collection, are often unable to quickly identify critical insights and make accurate recommendations.

Threat Analysis

Faster Analysis

Threats to your organization can evolve rapidly. By automating time-consuming and error-prone human collection of threat data, you’re freed up for faster analysis and a more confident response to emerging threats.

Threat Analysis

Real-Time Relevance

Only intelligence that’s relevant and up to date can be effective in reducing the risks your organization faces. Uncover threat content focused to your brand, industry, technologies, and more, all in real time.

Threat Analysis

Integrate Instantly With the Security Tools You Use

Threat intelligence from Recorded Future is machine readable and can be seamlessly ingested into the software you already use in your threat analysis. These integrations help to streamline analysis effort, as well as drawing together sources of intelligence from other services into a single consumable view.

Threat Analysis

Greater Breadth

You need intelligence from the widest range of sources in the shortest amount of time. The speed and scale required to achieve this are beyond human capacity alone. Intelligent machines can connect the dots across the broadest set of threat data sources.