Mitigate supply chain risk

Monitor, detect, and prepare for the security and risk posture of your vendors with our supply chain risk mitigation and management solutions.

Mitigate supply chain risk

Enable your organization to monitor, detect, and plan for vendor risk with supply chain risk management solutions to strengthen your business resilience. Utilize Recorded Future to identify cyber and geopolitical events which may impact your business and your third-parties allowing your teams to make informed decisions for your organization.
Supply chain risk mitigation

How do you monitor the risk your vendors pose?

80% of organizations experienced at least one data breach caused by a third party. Vendor assessments are static and security risk posed by vendors and partners is a blindspot for organizations.

Monitor and assess your third-party exposure and risk
Monitor and assess your third-party exposure and risk

Assess, compare, and monitor vendor and product risk with real-time alerts and risk scoring to maintain the resilience, security, and compliance of your business operations.

Can you detect and react to vendor risk changes?

84% of companies have high-risk vulnerabilities and 60% of data breaches are caused by the failure to apply available patches. Security and IT teams lack awareness of vulnerabilities and exploits from vendors and suppliers.

Detect and respond to vendor changes with Recorded Future’s Supply Chain Risk Management Solutions
Detect and respond to vendor changes

Take advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) to detect risk changes with vendors and utilize summary evidence with risk scoring to respond and mitigate any impacts.

How will you plan and prepare for supply chain resilience?

Board-level concerns of supply chain disruption increased by 13% in 2023 and geopolitical risk increased by 11%. Risk management teams are forced to prepare for vendor and supply chain risk.

Utilize deep research and real-time updates to increase resiliency
Utilize deep research and real-time updates to increase resiliency

Enable your risk and security teams to prevent negative impacts to your supply chain through enriched research, vendor risk scoring, and visibility into your physical and cyber threat landscape.

Recorded Future benefits


of clients have a better understanding of their threat landscape


faster at identifying a new threat


more third parties assessed

“Recorded Future is invaluable, as it helps us determine whether something is an active threat or a past threat, something to prioritize or not give as much importance. We also use it for research purposes, such as for vendor selection and management. As the company continues to expand quickly, we need to make sure that we're staying nimble and on top of things—and Recorded Future enables us to do so.”

Cybersecurity Manager, Hughes Federal Credit Union

Recorded Future in action

Monitor company risk

Real-time visibility into threats to your third parties

Monitor Company Risk for Effective Supply Chain Risk Management
Reduce your supply chain risk and build resilience with Recorded Future today!

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