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Recorded Future for Security Leadership

Recorded Future delivers measurable ROI by increasing security team efficiency and reducing risk. Integrating threat intelligence into existing security workflows arms teams with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions quickly, helping them get through more, faster. To augment analyst teams, Recorded Future delivers custom reports to help you understand threats targeting your organization, industry, and more.

Recorded Future for Security Leadership


“Recorded Future will cost less than two security engineer FTEs and will increase the access and improve the relevant intelligence analysis and reporting of all existing security efforts across our organization.”

Recorded Future Client Interviewed for IDC Report

market research

market research

Improved Efficiency

Integrating threat intelligence into existing security processes is a game changer for efficiency gains. With greater context around indicators directly in the systems they’re already using, security professionals can make better decisions about threats, faster.

32% More Efficient Security Teams



Analyst Augmentation

We can scale your analysts with the Insikt Group, our expert research team, who can produce custom research based on your organization, industry, and more. Use their expertise to understand things like how your threat landscape might shift based on a change to your business, or for a deep-dive into the latest malware or vulnerability reported in the news.

34% Less Staff Time Spent Compiling Security Reports

Alert Monitoring Services

The cybersecurity skills shortage affects more than 75% of organizations. With managed services from Recorded Future for monitoring alerts, you can rest assured that your alerts are being reviewed and investigated after hours, and that concerning alerts are brought to your attention for response.


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