Unrivaled Visibility
to Focus on Risk

CISOs and leaders of business units responsible for security are the vital link between operations and the board. They are also tasked with making strategic decisions to reduce risk. Without access to external intelligence, their visibility of threats is limited, making it challenging for them to quantify threats and prioritize investments.

Security Leadership

Insight Into Your Threat Surface

Intelligence collected, organized, and presented from the widest breadth of available sources will provide you unmatched insight, giving you greater understanding of emerging or active threats directly targeting your business, industry, or technologies in real time.

Security Leadership

Security Strategy and Investment Backed by Intelligence

Using contextualized intelligence to map your risk profile will uniquely equip you to effectively prioritize security spend and allocate available resources with an intelligence-driven security strategy.

Security Leadership

Integrate Instantly With the Security Tools You Use

Threat intelligence from Recorded Future is machine readable and can be seamlessly ingested into the software you already use in your organization. Integrating means you can add a layer of highly contextualized insights to the work of security teams, resulting in greater confidence and efficiency.

Security Leadership

Communicate Risks in Real Time

With a true understanding of your threat surface from intelligence that doesn’t go stale, you can enable rapid reporting of emerging threats and ongoing incidents to the board and other business stakeholders.