Know Your Enemy
and Their Motivations

An explosion in online transactions and smart point-of-sale software has made retail businesses a clear target for cyber adversaries. The sheer volume of credit card and personally identifiable information present on retail systems encourages attackers to rapidly monetize hacked data on a huge scale.


Reveal Dark Market Secrets

You already know that payment card, voucher, and loyalty scheme information is being traded by cybercriminals. With access to intelligence from the dark web forums where these threat actors operate, you can uncover and mitigate these attacks.


Prioritize Vulnerabilities with Real-Time Intelligence

The systems that process payments for your customers are more connected than ever. It is crucial that you keep these POS systems protected from emerging threats. Monitoring for exploited vulnerabilities targeting your hardware gives you relevant intelligence and unrivaled visibility.


Proactively Monitor for Emerging Threats

Retailers that follow the latest PCI compliance standards to protect e-commerce credit card data have only built a baseline defense against cybercrime. With your competition only a click away, any type of breach could cause your brand reputation and subsequent sales to spiral downward. To be proactive, you need to invest in an intelligence strategy aimed at staying ahead of cyber threats.