More Confident and Effective Incident Response

According to recent research, more than a third of security incidents take weeks to detect and even months to remediate. The majority of the cost associated with a breach can be drastically reduced by improving the speed and efficiency with which you respond to the threat. Threat intelligence from Recorded Future adds context from the widest breadth of external sources to streamline your investigations.

Incident response

Faster Contextual Intelligence

Investigation of security incidents is slowed down by the need to manually collect and process intelligence from numerous sources. The faster you can ascertain the scope of effect of an incident, the greater the opportunity to limit damage.

Incident response

Unique Insight Into Attack Methods

Initial indicators of compromise give clues to potential breaches and attacks. Connecting these to external threat intelligence adds potentially vital context to reveal the targets, methods, and motivations of an attacker.

Incident response

Integrate Instantly With the Security Tools You Use

Threat intelligence from Recorded Future is machine readable and can be seamlessly ingested into the software you already use in your incident response. Integrating means you can enrich indicators in your incidents with context from Recorded Future, improving the quality of the threat investigation and saving analysts valuable time.

Incident response

More Confident Response

Using threat intelligence to develop a more complete picture of an attack or breach beyond the technical methods increases confidence in responding to an incident and ensures you’re making more informed, strategic decisions to defend your organization.