Keep a Finger on the Pulse for Threats and Breaches

Healthcare organizations are the subject of heavy regulation due to their vast amounts of sensitive, personally identifiable information, particularly in the form of digitized patient records, which have a high black market value for threat actors. Connected medical devices must be secured, networks protected, and valuable intellectual property safeguarded.


Rapid Visibility for Faster Response

Real-time threat intelligence instantly alerts you to leaked customer or patient data that could be used to steal victims’ identities or extort a ransom from your organization. Faster visibility of breaches like this will allow you to prioritize your resources for an effective defense.


Get Alerted to Emerging Threats in Real Time

The more medical devices and networks you connect to your organization, the greater the risk from vulnerabilities. Access to contextualized intelligence can drive a more informed strategy for prioritizing vulnerabilities, including alerting to exploits that could affect your partners and supply chain.