Customize your security workflows

Professional Services
Our professional services team is a group of seasoned cyber security engineers and architects available to assist you with the integration of our intelligence into a variety of standard to custom solutions, designed to support you wherever you are on your intelligence-led journey.
Customize your security workflows

Support tailored to your unique security needs


Our Professional Services team can help you integrate intelligence into your security tools whether it’s a custom solution you’ve built or a 3rd party tool. Schedule time today to discuss how we can integrate our intelligence into your workflow. Examples of 3rd party tools that our team has successfully completed engagements, which require support and work on the side of clients:

Customize your security workflows

Blocking IOCs found in Splunk

Add an IOC to a block list where it can be sent to your firewall for blocking to protect your organization faster, saving time and resources.

Correlation Dashboard in Microsoft Sentinel

Consolidate threat information into a single pane of glass to view summary data of risky IOCs in your environment and gain a deeper understanding of your security environment.

Threat Hunting Dashboard

Use threat hunting packages to hunt for indicators in your SIEM, network, or endpoint tools to correlate indicators against live and historical telemetry data.

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