Research (Insikt)

2023 Annual Report

Posted: 21st March 2024
By: Insikt Group®

New Insikt research examines 2023, a year of unexpected outcomes and escalating cybersecurity threats. Throughout the year, cyber threat actors exploited the prevailing chaos to steal data, conduct espionage, and disrupt geopolitics, an example being nation-states like China targeting Taiwanese semiconductor firms. Additionally, the text highlights the rise in exploitation of "as-a-service" enterprise software and shared cloud infrastructure, which led to an increase in weaponized vulnerabilities and high-profile cyberattacks, such as the MOVEit exploit by the ransomware gang CL0P. This attack underscored the growing risk and profitability of targeting enterprise systems, suggesting a trend that could continue into 2024.

Furthermore, the abuse of legitimate internet services for malware distribution, the exploitation of Linux and macOS vulnerabilities, and the compromise of business process organizations for scams like SIM swapping were noted as tactics used by threat actors to extend their reach and effectiveness.


Finally, we present our forecasts for the cyber threat landscape in 2024. These predictions not only focus on direct cybersecurity threats but also consider the broader implications of geopolitical and regulatory changes in the cybersecurity arena.

To read the entire analysis, click here to download the report as a PDF.