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Defense One

How the Internet Could Have Predicted the Invasion of Ukraine

“As more civil unrest occurs, the patterns around civil unrest become more obvious. Events that are repetitive in nature…” Full Story

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Esquire Magazine

The Future is Recorded

“The world is overflowing with free and open information, and a person equipped with the right tools to sift through that information and perceive the patterns and connections swirling…” Full Story

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SEA Attacks Linked to Obama’s Mentions of Syria

“Researchers at Recorded Future, a firm that analyzes publicly available data to assess and predict cyber attacks, call the link a ‘remarkable correlation.’ To put it simply, the more…” Full Story

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The Boston Globe

It’s Like Google Meets Nostradamus

“What if you could scour the web for predictions, forecasts, and estimates about what might happen next year, or in a decade? The founders of Recorded Future, a new Boston area…” Full Story

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The New York Times

Crushing the Cost of Predicting the Future

“Large and diverse sets of data have become abundant as more information is posted on the internet, from stock prices and news pages to sensor readings. Now the cost of analyzing…” Full Story

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The Wall Street Journal

Turning Our Data Sights Outward

“A few weeks ago, Christopher Ahlberg, CEO of Big Data start-up Recorded Future and founder of the visual analytics software firm Spotfire–now part of Tibco–said something…” Full Story

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Predicting the Future: Fantasy, Good Algorithm?

“After failing to predict the Arab Spring, intelligence officials are now exploring whether Big Data, the combing of billions of pieces of disparate electronic information, can help them…” Full Story

Notable Quotes

The company is called Recorded Future, and it scours tens of thousands of websites, blogs and Twitter accounts to find the relationships between people, organizations, actions and incidents — both present and still-to-come.

Wired Magazine

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It struck us that, in modern study of warfare, there’s this theory of opposing forces counter-interacting not just by shooting at each other but also through media/message interaction.

Christopher Ahlberg

CEO, Recorded Future
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So, what we are trying to do is figure out how we can take large portions of the web and extract what we call signals of activity that relate to people and places and associate them with events and time. Time is often a forgotten dimension in analysis, and we think it is key.

Christopher Ahlberg

CEO, Recorded Future
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Sullivan learned of a planned protest in Bogota, Columbia, thanks to the software, before employees were scheduled to travel there. ‘We would’ve sent a dozen employees into the heart of the protest,’ he says. ‘You just don’t know if it could spin out of control.’ Sullivan had employees reschedule the trip.

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It seems to me that we have squeezed all the juice out of the internal information. Maybe it’s time we focused on the whole world of external information.

Christopher Ahlberg

CEO, Recorded Future
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One of the tools that Jack Sullivan, Global Director of Corporate Security for Dunkin’ Brands, Inc., is using is Recorded Future, which organizes the future, per se, for data analysis. Using the data from Recorded Future, Sullivan can learn more about what’s happening around the world before it happens, so that he can be proactive with his security decisions.

Security Magazine

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It used to be journalists were sort of the great force observing the world, now we have many observers observing the world.

Christopher Ahlberg

CEO, Recorded Future
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Although Iran is considered Syria’s strongest ally in the region, any linkage between the two countries’ cyber efforts is not reflected in the timing of attacks by the SEA, said Christopher Ahlberg, CEO of Recorded Future. The company evaluated 300,000 web sources, including websites popular with hackers, for information on the rise of the SEA from their beginnings in 2011 to the present.

The Wall Street Journal

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