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June 2016 | InfoWorld
Hack the Hackers: Eavesdrop for Intel on Emerging Threats

June 2016 | IT Business Edge
Recorded Future Extends Reach of Security Intelligence Service

June 2016 | Network World
Recorded Future Aligns With Other Threat Intelligence Vendors

June 2016 | ZDNet
Recorded Future Partners With Top Cyber Security Firms in Threat Analysis Boost

May 2016 | Infosecurity Magazine
Proof of Concepts Soared 200% in 2015

May 2016 | Dark Reading
Proof-of-Concept Exploit Sharing Is on the Rise

May 2016 | The Register
Miscreants Tripled Output of Proof of Concept Exploits in 2015

April 2016 | The Wall Street Journal
Twitter and Islamic State Deadlock on Social Media Battlefield

April 2016 | Reuters
Recorded Future Announces Integration With Palo Alto Networks

March 2016 | The Wall Street Journal
Healthcare CIOs, Facing Ransomware Threat, Share Security Best Practices

March 2016 | InfoWorld
Ransomware Targets Flash and Silverlight Vulnerabilities

March 2016 | Dark Reading
Here Are 4 Vulnerabilities Ransomware Attacks Are Exploiting Now

March 2016 | The Register
BlackEnergy Malware Activity Spiked in Runup to Ukraine Power Grid Takedown

February 2016 | Hindustan Times
Cyber Attacks a Legitimate Worry Ahead of India-Pak Asia Cup Clash

February 2016 | The Times of India
Indian Websites More Prone to Pakistan-Based Hacker Attacks on Big Events

February 2016 | SC Magazine
India and Pakistan Tensions Go Online

February 2016 | The Register
Cricket Can Get Nasty: India vs. Pakistan Rivalry Boils Over Into Cyber War

February 2016 | CSO Online
Does Attribution Matter to Security Leaders?

January 2016 | The Christian Science Monitor
Iran-Saudi Arabia Row Adds Fuel for Hackers on Both Sides

December 2015 | CNBC
Cyber Attackers Using Bitcoin, Despite Traceability

December 2015 | Threatpost
Bitcoin Extortionist Copycats on the Rise, Experts Say

December 2015 | Softpedia
Unknown Copycat Using Armada Collective Name for DDoS-for-Bitcoin Extortions

December 2015 | Dark Reading
Cyber Extortion, DDoS-for-Bitcoin Campaigns Rise

December 2015 | SecurityWeek
DD4BC, Armada Collective Inspire Cyber Extortion Copycats

November 2015 | eWEEK
Analysis Finds Flash Top Exploit Target as Adobe Fixes Latest Flaws

November 2015 | Krebs on Security
Critical Fixes for Windows, Adobe Flash Player

November 2015 | Network World
8 of Top 10 Vulnerabilities Used by Exploit Kits Target Adobe Flash Player

November 2015 | PCWorld
No Surprise Here: Adobe's Flash Is a Hacker's Favorite Target

November 2015 | SC Magazine
Patch Tuesday: Adobe Addresses 17 Critical Vulnerabilities in Flash

November 2015 | SecurityWeek
Flash Flaws Most Common in Exploit Kits: Report

October 2015 | The Times
Hackers' Threat to Dump 1.2M Stolen TalkTalk Details Online

October 2015 | SC Magazine
Iranian Hackers Show Growing Interest in Android RATs

October 2015 | The Register
Iranian VXers Unleash RATs to Bite Popular Android Devices

October 2015 | CSO Online
Iranian Hackers Get Tech Support on Forums

October 2015 | TechCrunch
Connected Car Security: Separating Fear From Fact

September 2015 | eWEEK
Sloppy Remote Access Trojan Operators Show Up in Internet Scans

September 2015 | Dark Reading
New Tactic Finds RAT Operators Fast

September 2015 | EE Times
SCADA Vulnerability on the Rise

September 2015 | SecurityWeek
Russian Hackers Target Industrial Control Systems: US Intel Chief

September 2015 | InfoWorld
Reports of Attacks on the Department of Energy Raise Alarms

September 2015 | SecurityWeek
ICS Flaw Disclosures at High Levels Since Stuxnet Attack: Report

August 2015 | The Register
Blacklists Miss 90% of Malware Blogged IP Love

August 2015 | CSO Online
New IP Address Blacklist Based on Web Chatter

July 2015 | CSO Online
How to Surf the Dark Web for Fun and Profit

July 2015 | The Christian Science Monitor
Opinion: The Value of Unmasking Tor's Dark Side

June 2015 | TechTarget
US Government Passwords Stolen and Leaked Around the Web

June 2015 | eSecurity Planet
US Government Login Credentials Found Online

June 2015 | International Business Times
Iran and Saudi Arabia Heading Toward a Cyber War?

June 2015 | Washington Times
The US Government Hasn't Learned How to Keep Sensitive Data Secret

June 2015 | The Federal Drive
The Federal Drive: Agency Logins on the Open Web

June 2015 | Fox News
Iran and Saudi Arabia Edge Towards Cyber War, Study Says

June 2015 | VICE
There's Evidence the 'Yemen Cyber Army' Is Actually Iranian

June 2015 | Washington Post
Theft of Saudi Documents Suggests an Iranian Hack

June 2015 | Naked Security
Stolen Logins for US Government Agencies Found All Over the Web

June 2015 | CIO TODAY
Tech Company Finds Leaked US Government Logins, Passwords Online

June 2015 | Federal Times
Government Logins Widely Available Online

June 2015 | SC Magazine
Study: Leaked Credentials on Pastebin, Similar Sites, Linked to 47 Government Agencies

June 2015 | BBC News
US Government Logins and Passwords Leaked Online

June 2015 | Threatpost
Stolen Government Agency Passwords Easy to Find Online

June 2015 | Business Insider
Login Credentials From 47 Government Agencies Discovered on the Internet

June 2015 | ZDNet
Stolen US Government Passwords Leaked Across Web

June 2015 | Infosecurity Magazine
Stolen Government Logins Available All Over the Web

June 2015 | Tom's Hardware
Report: Security of US Agencies in Dire State, Employee Logins Widely Leaked

June 2015 | FCW
Report: 47 Agencies Face Possible Login Credential Exposure

June 2015 | Associated Press
Tech Company Finds Stolen Government Logins All Over Web

June 2015 | WRAL TechWire
CIA-Backed Tech Company Finds Stolen Government Logins All Over Web

June 2015 | The Hill
Government Passwords Scattered Across the Web, Study Finds

June 2015 | CBS News
Report: EMails, Passwords From 47 Government Agencies Leaked Online

June 2015 | Boston Business Journal
Cambridge Firm Says Recent Breaches Left Dozens of Federal Agencies Open to Espionage, Theft

June 2015 | The Register
Login Creds for US Agencies Found Scrawled on the Web's Toilet Walls

June 2015 | Wired Magazine
Hundreds of .Gov Credentials Found in Public Hacker Dumps

June 2015 | The Wall Street Journal
Breached Network’s Security Is Criticized

June 2015 | Business Insider
Computers Can Now Tell Between Real Breaking News and Internet Trolls Trying to Dupe Us

May 2015 | Business Insider
Lizard Squad: Original Pranksters

May 2015 | Business Insider
Inside the Company That Can Predict the Future by Analyzing the Web

April 2015 | Beyond Search
Recorded Future: The Threat Detection Leader

April 2015 | VICE
Small-Time Hackers Can Be Deanonymized Even When Using Tor

April 2015 | Xconomy
Diving Deeper Into Cyber Security, Recorded Future Reels in $12M

April 2015 | BostInno
Recorded Future Has Raised $12M for its Cyber Threat Web Crawling Service

April 2015 | The Christian Science Monitor
Opinion: Threat Intelligence is the Judo Move Needed to Take Down Hackers

February 2015 | Svenska Dagbladet
Explosive Increase in Saudi Tributes to the Islamic State

February 2015 | Sky News
More Twitter Activity Than Ever Over IS

February 2015 | VICE
The Closest Thing to a Map of the Dark Net: Pastebin

February 2015 | SC Magazine
SC Lab Approved: Recorded Future Cyber

January 2015 | The Wall Street Journal
An Optimistic Lens on Cyber Security

December 2014 | eWEEK
Network Defenders Have About a Week to Patch Flaw, Study Finds

November 2014 | eWEEK
Cyber Threats Ascribed to Russia Crafted to Hunt Specific Data

November 2014 | Dark Reading
Russian Cyber Espionage Under the Microscope

November 2014 | Dark Reading
Marrying Monitoring With IAM

November 2014 | SC Magazine
Employees' Credentials from 221 of Fortune 500 Available Online

October 2014 | NBC News
Unwitting Workers Give Hackers Keys to Fortune 500 Firms' Networks

October 2014 | The Wall Street Journal
Fortune 500 Companies at Risk With Exposure of Employee Passwords

October 2014 | Mashable
Leaked Employee Passwords Open Up Fortune 500 Companies to Hackers

October 2014 | The Boston Globe
Employers Get a Warning on Net Use by Staffers

August 2014 | NPR
Big Data Firm Says it Can Link Snowden Data to Changed Terrorist Behavior

May 2014 | POLITICO Magazine
Snowden is the Kind of Guy I Used to Recruit in Russia

May 2014 | The Wall Street Journal
Report: Al-Qaeda Tries New Encryption Post-Snowden Leaks

May 2014 | Nextgov
Intel Firm Links Ukraine Energy Debt With Potential Cyber Assault

April 2014 | Defense One
How the Internet Could Have Predicted the Invasion of Ukraine

April 2014 | Defense One
Why Ukraine Has Already Lost The Cyber War, Too

April 2014 | PC Magazine
Understanding The Top 5 Mobile Banking Trojans

February 2014 | MIT Technology Review
Can Twitter Predict Major Events Such As Mass Protests?

January 2014 | Krebs on Security
New Clues in the Target Breach

November 2013 | Esquire
The Future is Recorded

October 2013 | Mashable
SEA Attacks Linked to Obama's Mentions of Syria

October 2013 | CIO
Dunkin’ Brands Uses Analytics to Predict Global Threats

October 2013 | International Policy Digest
Ethnographic Edge’s Crystal Ball

October 2013 | The Independent
What Happened When SEA Attempted a Cyber Attack on The Independent?

October 2013 | The Wall Street Journal
Anonymous Plans November Cyber Attacks

September 2013 | The Wall Street Journal
Data Shows No Link Between Syrian Electronic Army and Iran

September 2013 | Harvard Business Review
Vision Statement: Mapping the Cyberwar Battlefield

June 2013 | Fast Company
Silicon Valley and the Intelligence Agencies

May 2013 | Security Magazine
How to Secure the Global Enterprise

May 2013 | The Wall Street Journal
Big Data Lessons from Silicon Valley

May 2013 | The Washington Times
Hackers Sell Out and Go Corporate as Cyber Crime Becomes Shift Work

April 2013 | Business Insider
Thanks to Geniuses From MIT and Harvard, There Are Some Truly Innovative Boston Start-Ups

March 2013 | Business Insider
Now, You Can Predict the Future Just Like Nate Silver

January 2013 | The Wall Street Journal
Turning Our Data Sights Outward

January 2013 | Financial Times
Distilled Power of Start-Ups Challenges Big Incumbents

December 2012 | The Boston Globe
Is Boston Tops in Big Data? Depends on When You Ask

October 2012 | BreakingGov
Temporal Analytics: Turning Protest Noise into Intelligence

October 2012 | The Washington Post
An Infographic Showing the Global Spike in Protests

October 2012 | Foreign Policy
10 Big Data Sites to Watch

October 2012 | NPR
Predicting the Future: Fantasy or a Good Algorithm?

July 2012 | VentureFizz
One of the Coolest Start-Ups – Recorded Future

February 2012 | The Boston Globe
Recorded Future: It's Like Google Meets Nostradamus

November 2011 | Wired Magazine
Crushing the Cost of Predicting the Future

November 2011 | Wired Magazine
The News Forecast

March 2011 | Business Insider
This Man Can Predict the Future

December 2010 | MIT Technology Review
See the Future With a Search

August 2010 | TechCrunch
TechCrunch Europe: Googling the Future

August 2010 | Gizmag
New Start-Up Uses Internet to Predict the Future

July 2010 | Wired Magazine
Exclusive: Google, CIA Invest in ‘Future’ of Web Monitoring

July 2010 | Gizmodo
CIA and Google’s Joint Investment Raising Eyebrows

May 2010 | Mashable
Google Invests in App That Predicts the Future

May 2010 | All Things Digital
Meet Google’s Secret Time Machine Investment