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Recorded Future Launches News Site to Tell the Untold Stories of Cyber Intelligence

Recorded Future Launches News Site to Tell the Untold Stories of Cyber Intelligence


The Record by Recorded Future to be Spearheaded by Cybersecurity Journalist Adam Janofsky; Bloomberg L.P. CMO Deirdre Bigley Joins Recorded Future Board of Directors

BOSTON — August 18, 2020 — Recorded Future, the largest security intelligence provider, today announced that it has launched The Record by Recorded Future. The cyber intelligence news site will expertly source stories from the Recorded Future Security Intelligence Platform and global research analysts, and the broader cybersecurity community. Editorial content will tell the untold stories between today’s media headlines and news briefs and long-lead research to inform those involved in and curious about the cybersecurity landscape.

The Record by Recorded Future will be led by Editorial Director Adam Janofsky, who previously reported on cybersecurity, privacy, and emerging technology at The Wall Street Journal and Protocol. Prior to that, Janofsky worked at Inc. magazine and edited The Wall Street Journal’s blog about startups and entrepreneurship.

To further support the company’s entrance into the media industry, Recorded Future has welcomed Deirdre Bigley, CMO of Bloomberg L.P., to its Board of Directors as an independent board member.

“Iconic brands are built on top of remarkable content. I’m thrilled to see Recorded Future take a leadership role in cybersecurity news publishing. From their podcast that’s already been downloaded over one million times, to today’s launch of The Record by Recorded Future, Recorded Future is well positioned to become the trusted source for the prescriptive and informative content that security professionals crave.”— Deirdre Bigley, CMO, Bloomberg L.P.

The news site will independently source stories from the Recorded Future Security Intelligence Platform, its global analyst team, and from sources and experts within the cybersecurity community. Content will include exclusive research on cybersecurity topics including, but not limited to, nation-state activity, dark web analysis and insights, and malware tools and mitigation strategies, in formats such as interviews with leading companies and industry experts, weekly podcast episodes, and visual storytelling.

“As we’ve navigated the media landscape, there was a clear opportunity in our eyes to feed the broadening demand and curiosity surrounding the cybersecurity space. Expertly sourced, our content provides insightful, authoritative content to help knowledge-seekers further understand the evolving industry and associated trends. The journalistic expertise and cybersecurity insights that Adam brings, along with the invaluable knowledge of Deirdre as a leader of a renowned provider of financial news and information, will support our move into the media landscape.” — Dr. Christopher Ahlberg, CEO and Co-Founder, Recorded Future

Learn more at and follow the news site on Twitter at @TheRecord_Media.

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