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Recorded Future to Provide Free Access to Elite Intelligence Through New Browser Extension

Recorded Future to Provide Free Access to Elite Intelligence Through New Browser Extension


Level up Your Security Program With the Same Security Intelligence Used by the World’s Largest Governments and Many of the Fortune 1000

BOSTON — May 5, 2020 — Recorded Future, the largest global security intelligence provider, today released a free browser extension that helps prioritize SIEM alerts and vulnerability patching, in addition to providing enhanced malware analysis. With this release, Recorded Future is the only intelligence company to openly offer access to its data. The new offering, Recorded Future Express, gives users real-time Risk Scores for any domain, hash, vulnerability, or IP, further democratizing access to critical intelligence for all security teams. Designed to work where security professionals do, Express is compatible with most security websites and technologies, including Splunk, Tenable, Qualys, and IBM QRadar.

Express provides users with high-level indicator data, including dynamic Risk Scores that highlight the relative severity level associated with each item being viewed or researched. Each Risk Score is calculated based on intelligence gathered from an automated analysis of vast amounts of data from open, closed, and technical sources.

“With Express, we’re able to reduce the first round of intelligence gathering significantly across three critical security functions to weed out false positive alerts, avoid non-critical patching, and immediately understand risk from IPs. Any security solution that helps my team and me move faster is a meaningful resource — this is like having a Swiss Army knife in my back pocket at all times.“ — Aaron Isaacs, Cyber Security Officer, CisCom Solutions

Delivered through a lightweight browser extension, Express can be used directly within existing security and technology solutions, including:

From 30 Minutes to 30 Seconds: Address SIEM Alerts Faster
Users can layer Recorded Future intelligence directly over their SIEM to confidently prioritize and triage alerts fast. Clicking on an indicator allows users to jumpstart an investigation by learning relevant risk information immediately, like whether or not an IP is a current command-and-control server.

Take Vulnerabilities from 20 to 1: Prioritize Patching
By focusing on the 5.5% of vulnerabilities that are “ever actually exploited in the wild,” Express helps users prioritize patching on the vulnerabilities that matter most. Recorded Future real-time security intelligence helps users instantly understand which vulnerabilities pose the most risk, so they can patch those first. Express can be used to view real-time Risk Scores directly on any webpage, or directly over vulnerability management solutions.

Verdict IOCs In 1 View: Enhance Malware Analysis
Express eliminates the need to spend valuable time reviewing malware analysis. Express provides external security intelligence on indicators of compromise so users can quickly identify and understand high-risk IPs and hashes. Recorded Future’s intelligence drives faster action, empowering users to proactively prevent malware before it hits their environments.

“The research and response time afforded to security and IT professionals to defend their organizations continues to rapidly shrink. Recorded Future Express offers action-oriented, initial intelligence for any defender working with security tools or information in a browser-based environment, or looking to understand the risk associated with technical indicators found during research. We’re providing real intelligence that you can act on, without even having to leave your browser, for free.” — Stuart Solomon, Chief Operating Officer, Recorded Future

To download Express, sign up at

**Know Everything: Accelerating Security With Intelligence**

The Recorded Future Security Intelligence Platform enables collaboration across security functions while providing a single authoritative source for all intelligence needs, including: SecOps and Response, Threat Intelligence, Brand Protection, Vulnerability Management, Third-Party Risk, and Geopolitical Risk.

Clients and analysts have recently shared the following outcomes using Recorded Future:

  • Reduced time spent on due diligence and reference checking by 50%
  • Improved threat intelligence workflow efficiency by 50%
  • Improved overall visibility of threats targeting the organization by 25%

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**About Recorded Future**
Recorded Future delivers security intelligence to amplify the effectiveness of security and IT teams in reducing exposure by uncovering unknown threats and informing better, faster decisions. Working to provide a singular view of digital, brand, and third-party risk, the Recorded Future platform provides proactive and predictive intelligence, analyzing data from open, proprietary, and aggregated customer-provided sources. Recorded Future arms threat analysts, vulnerability management teams, security operations centers, and incident responders with context-rich, actionable intelligence in real time that’s ready for integration across the security ecosystem. Learn more at and follow us on Twitter at @RecordedFuture.