Security Intelligence Framework Provides Adoption Path for Intelligence-Led Security; Organization Releases Second Edition of Industry-Leading Guide; New Product Features Improve Usability of Intelligence and Reduce Risk

**WASHINGTON, D.C. — October 29, 2019** — Recorded Future today published strategic security intelligence guidance for organizations aiming to maximize their security investments and reduce organizational risk. Designed to help security and IT teams amplify their effectiveness by enabling faster detection and response times, the security intelligence framework positions comprehensive, real-time intelligence at the center of security and IT programs.

The security intelligence framework helps organizations lead with intelligence across threat prevention, third-party risk management, and brand protection strategies — these principles can either stand alone to streamline efforts, or work in harmony to accelerate risk reduction exponentially.

At its core, security intelligence is based on the understanding that intelligence can be broadly applied and leveraged across security programs. Ultimately, security intelligence helps teams working in security operations, incident response, vulnerability management, risk analysis, threat analysis, fraud prevention, and security leadership make better, faster decisions.

“For more than 10 years, our mission has been driven by three ideals: threat intelligence must enable action, machines and people work better together, and threat intelligence is relevant for all security, risk, and IT professionals. Embracing security intelligence as an overarching framework enables teams to accelerate risk reduction across their organization, informed by a single source of truth.” — Dr. Christopher Ahlberg, CEO and Co-Founder, Recorded Future

Recorded Future also published a new whitepaper, “The Security Intelligence Graph,” describing the methodology and patented technology used to put security intelligence in motion.

To download the whitepaper visit:

**The Threat Intelligence Handbook**

Demonstrating its ongoing commitment to arming security professionals with practical, actionable resources, Recorded Future has published the second edition of the industry-leading Threat Intelligence Handbook, focused on leveraging the security intelligence framework. The updated edition includes new chapters on implementing security intelligence, using brand monitoring, and reducing third-party risk.

To download the book visit:

**Accelerating Security Through Continued Innovation**

Recorded Future has also announced several enhancements to its product offering, providing clients with more dynamic, flexible options for ingesting data, historical context, and improved alerting.

Threat Intelligence Where It’s Needed. Recorded Future intelligence now works with new tools, security processes, and use cases to:

  • Proactively block validated indicators of threats directly in firewalls and endpoint security solutions using Security Control Feeds — evidence-based indicators that are collected, curated, and certified by Recorded Future
  • Utilize our new SOAR API for higher-volume orchestration and automation use cases, such as enrichment and correlation
  • Resolve incidents faster in ServiceNow with our new security incident response integration

Third-Party Risk Context for Confident Action. Enhancements to our third-party risk offerings include:

  • View a third party’s risk history to see how its risk score, compared to its peers, has changed over time for more confident decision-making
  • Access more context with risk rule guidance in Company Intelligence Cards to understand what a risk rule means, why it is deemed risky, and what clients should consider doing about it
  • Continuously monitor your third-party ecosystem within ServiceNow with our new third-party risk management data integration

Stronger Brand Protection With Increased Domain Coverage. Capture additional typosquatted domains and phishing threats using intelligence on new certificate registrations for domains likely to be weaponized in the wild. This new domain data captures fully qualified domain names, not just apex domains, and also triggers domain risk rules and provides a stronger signal for typosquat analysis.

Real-Time Alerting for All Solutions. Receive alerts on the Recorded Future mobile application and review relevant Intelligence Cards on the go. Download the Recorded Future mobile app today from Google Play for Android and the App Store for iOS devices.