Actionable Threat Intelligence and Ecosystem Collaboration Viewed as Key Drivers for Information Security Industry Progress

**BOSTON — NOVEMBER 7, 2018** —More than 400 information security professionals, representing 150 companies from across the private and public sector, joined Recorded Future for its annual industry event to unite on one core mission: drive the adoption and usability of threat intelligence across the information security ecosystem.

At the conference, which was held in Washington, D.C. from October 22 to 24, 2018, industry leaders presented on topics including building an effective threat intelligence team, intelligence-driven threat hunting, and leveraging threat intelligence for vulnerability management, across 20 breakout sessions.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to bring together such a talented group of industry leaders to exchange ideas, work on solving critical security problems, and educate the community on best practices. We have embarked on a new phase of growth for the threat intelligence community, led by the convergence of the physical and digital realms. This new, dynamic reality requires that we build trusted partnerships between organizations, use automation strategically, and learn from one another in an open forum.” — Dr. Christopher Ahlberg, CEO and Co-Founder, Recorded Future

Mission Critical: A Diverse Partner Ecosystem to Support Intelligence-Driven Security

At the event, Recorded Future also showcased its rapidly growing partner ecosystem, with more than 20 technology and VAR partners in attendance, including IBM Resilient, Palo Alto Networks, and LogRhythm.

Recorded Future Connect, the company’s technology partner program, has more than doubled in the six months since its launch, adding 30 new partners. Recorded Future Connect has also added several partners in a key strategic area for its users: security orchestration automation and response (SOAR).

“Security teams today need agility in the face of evolving attacks. Demisto’s partnership with Recorded Future enables businesses to centralize internal and external threat intelligence in real time and drive that intelligence to response at machine speed.” — Neelima Rustagi, Senior Director of Product Management, Demisto

The addition of leading SOAR partners — including ATAR Labs, CyberSPONSE, Demisto, DFLabs, and Swimlane — will allow Recorded Future to enhance the impact of delivered threat intelligence, further shrinking the window of opportunity for attackers to perpetrate networks and reducing organizational risk.

Since its launch, Recorded Future Connect has expanded from 13 to 40 technology partners, including King & Union, Polarity, Securonix, Exabeam, TruSTAR, Dragos, and Firemon.

Threat Intelligence Industry Leadership Awards

At this year’s conference, Recorded Future launched the Top Threat Intelligence Professionals Awards, naming both individual and team winners; more than 50 nominations were submitted.

Winning for individual contributor of the year was Zak B., an information security analyst at a Fortune 100 financial services organization. One nomination read, “Zak very humbly does an exceptional job every day in the threat intelligence space, going above and beyond to enable both his team and all of cybersecurity at [company] to do what we do best — protect and serve those who serve others.”

Runner-up for individual contributor of the year was Jodie Ryan, senior manager of threat intelligence at T-Mobile. Submissions nominating Jodie highlighted her ability to adapt government intelligence techniques to the commercial world with great enthusiasm and success.

The winner for team of the year was the Verizon Cyber Risk Program Threat Intelligence Analyst team. One nomination read, “The Verizon Cyber Risk Program Analysts leverage and align to the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) as its foundation and enhances its analysis and reporting with Recorded Future’s deep and dark web intelligence. The Verizon Cyber Risk Program reports provide customers with risk scores, trending analysis, prioritized recommendations, and industry benchmark comparisons which customers can then use to enhance their security posture and reduce their risk footprint.”

Runner-up for team of the year was Calder 7, Relativity’s security team. Submissions that nominated Calder 7 showcased the team’s strategic vision and uniquely holistic approach for applying threat intelligence across the organization, including the company’s product and beyond. Calder 7 is also always willing to give back to the cybersecurity community and share successful methodologies of how to stay ahead of the adversaries.

Delivering Value and Return on Investment for Customers

In an IDC White Paper sponsored by Recorded Future, “Organizations React to Security Threats More Efficiently and Cost Effectively with Recorded Future,” IDC concluded that Recorded Future enabled security teams to identify threats to their organizations 10 times faster, while helping to resolve security incidents 63 percent faster when they do occur.
Today, it would take nearly 9,000 analysts, working eight hours a day, five days a week, for 52 weeks per year, to process the same amount of security event data that Recorded Future’s machine analytics can process in the same time frame.

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