Company Recognized for Second Consecutive Year for Technology That Provides the Only Complete Threat Intelligence Solution Powered by Machine Learning to Reduce Risk

**BOSTON — October 3, 2018 —** Recorded Future, the leading threat intelligence provider, today was awarded “Most Innovative Threat Intelligence Solution” by Cyber Defense Magazine for 2018. This is the second year in a row Recorded Future has been recognized by Cyber Defense Magazine, winning “Best Threat Intelligence Solution” for 2017.

“Cyber Defense Magazine spent six months searching the globe to find the most innovative and cutting-edge cybersecurity companies for our Cyber Defense 2018 Global Awards,” said Gary S. Miliefsky, publisher of Cyber Defense Magazine. “Recorded Future won this award for Most Innovative Threat Intelligence because it is an innovator on a mission to help stop breaches and get one step ahead of the next threat, proactively.”

Over the past year, Recorded Future expanded its machine learning-powered threat intelligence to give analysts and security operations centers access to analyst-originated intelligence assessments on threat actors, vulnerabilities, malware, and other indicators of compromise, as well as in-depth finished intelligence that has been customized to their needs. The company also announced Recorded Future Connect, a global technology partner community that offers a wide and varied range of external threat intelligence, enabling security professionals to proactively map applicable threats and add dynamic real-time intelligence to traditionally static security functions. In addition, Recorded Future began offering takedown services of fake accounts, apps, and websites as part of its brand monitoring offering and also introduced a threat intelligence platform for centralizing threat data to provide greater visibility.

“We’re thrilled to be honored again for our commitment to build innovative technology and products,” said Dr. Christopher Ahlberg, CEO and co-founder of Recorded Future. “The pace of change and sophistication of threat adversaries is challenging for organizations to keep up with. So our offerings are focused on providing the most valuable intelligence and analysis to help customers understand the threats they face to reduce cyber risk.”

Democratizing Threat Intelligence for All Security

To provide additional support and resources to organizations, Recorded Future recently released “The Threat Intelligence Handbook,” a step-by-step guide for security professionals working to integrate and apply threat intelligence across security technologies. The book focuses on answering one fundamental question: How does threat intelligence strengthen cybersecurity and reduce risk?

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For use in conjunction with “The Threat Intelligence Handbook,” Recorded Future has also launched a threat intelligence grader to help organizations understand the current maturity of their threat intelligence programs.

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Delivering Value and Return on Investment for Customers

In an IDC White Paper sponsored by Recorded Future, “Organizations React to Security Threats More Efficiently and Cost Effectively with Recorded Future,” IDC concluded that Recorded Future enabled security teams to identify threats to their organizations 10 times faster, while helping to resolve security incidents 63 percent faster when they do occur. These findings come on the heels of “The Forrester New Wave™: Digital Risk Protection, Q3 2018,” in which Recorded Future was named a Leader1.

The company’s patented technology collects and structures intelligence from a broad range of data drawn from open web, dark web, and technical sources. Today, it would take nearly 9,000 analysts, working eight hours a day, five days a week, all 52 weeks per year, to process the same amount of security event data that Recorded Future’s machine analytics can process in the same time frame.

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1 The Forrester New Wave™: Digital Risk Protection, Q3 2018, Forrester Research, Inc., July 17, 2018