**BOSTON, Jan. 29, 2018 /PRNewswire/ —** Recorded Future, the leading threat intelligence provider, today introduced Fusion, a new product providing centralization, collaboration, and customization of intelligence. With the addition of Fusion, Recorded Future becomes the only end-to-end solution for threat intelligence on the market. Now, organizations can experience rapid time to benefit for dramatically lowering risk by leveraging a fully integrated, software-as-a-service solution that manages the process of collection, analysis, reporting, customization, and integration of threat intelligence.

Threat intelligence has grown into a necessary part of nearly every enterprise security team. According to the SANS 2017 CTI Survey, security teams are finding more value than ever in using threat intelligence for security operations and response, with 60 percent of teams already using threat intelligence, and another 25 percent who are planning to. However, anywhere from 20 percent to 47 percent of organizations are using disparate intelligence feeds rather than an integrated user interface, indicating a continued need for improvements in integrated visualization and workflow. Plagued by inefficiencies of manual collection and analysis, inconsistent and delayed availability, and difficulties effectively integrating intelligence into everyday security processes, a unifying platform is needed.

Powered by machine learning, Fusion customers can centralize and customize proprietary and internal threat data with external threat intelligence. Fusion provides unprecedented analysis of the broadest and most comprehensive set of open and closed feeds (such as indicator data from FS-ISAC, ReversingLabs, and Farsight Security), internal risk lists, and internally generated analyst notes — all in one view. The result includes the following benefits:

  • **Centralization.** In many security organizations, analyst notes and investigation outcomes are not centralized and consolidated with other relevant intelligence, leading to duplicative work, inefficiency, and missed opportunities to reduce risk. Additionally, managing multiple threat intelligence software tools (providers and platforms) from several vendors limits overall value, flexibility, and effectiveness. Recorded Future customers can store, access, and manage all of their threat intelligence from a single pane of glass for increased efficiency and added value.
  • **Customization.**Every use case for threat intelligence has unique requirements. The wrong data integrated in monitoring and alerting solutions can inundate teams with false positives and noise that lead them to miss important information. Organizations can seamlessly integrate valuable, proprietary intelligence and internal analysis with best-in-class intelligence. The ability to then tailor the data stream for their specific needs and use cases enables organizations to have the threat intelligence they need where they need it.
  • **Collaboration.** The data that threat intelligence teams gather is invaluable across the organization, but it often sits siloed within one security team. The new functionality enables consistent collaboration across teams within the organization. Everyone has access to the same consolidated internal and external intelligence.

“There are many threat intelligence vendors and solutions today that offer everything from feeds, to reports, to platforms. We believe that organizations shouldn’t have to make tough decisions on which type of solution to use, which results in forced tradeoffs and holes in their threat intelligence strategy. With Recorded Future, organizations can get all required capabilities in a single solution, and work with a single vendor for cost efficiencies, better support and integrations, and ongoing innovation.” — Matt Kodama, Vice President of Product at Recorded Future

“Recorded Future has been a cyber threat intelligence innovator as it executes on its vision. With the release of Fusion, combined with its data collection and integrations capabilities, Recorded Future can now check all the threat intelligence boxes.” — Jon Oltsik, Senior Principal Analyst, ESG

“Threat intelligence is critical to securing organizations and it comes from many sources. Recorded Future Fusion allows our clients to integrate high-value sources such as the Verizon DBIR summary information and the Verizon Risk Report with Recorded Future dark web and technical intel, together with client-specific intelligence. Recorded Future Fusion is a breakthrough in threat intelligence, adding tremendous value to our client’s ability to manage cyber risk.” — Alexander Schlager, Executive Director Security Services; Global Products and Solutions at Verizon

**Pricing and Availability**
Recorded Future Fusion will be generally available directly through Recorded Future and its global channel partner network in Q2 2017. For more information or to see Recorded Future Fusion in action, register to attend a live demo on Thursday, February 1, 2018.

**About Recorded Future**
Recorded Future delivers the only complete threat intelligence solution powered by patented machine learning to lower risk. We empower organizations to reveal unknown threats before they impact business, and enable teams to respond to alerts 10 times faster. To supercharge the efforts of security teams, our technology automatically collects and analyzes intelligence from technical, open web, and dark web sources and aggregates customer-proprietary data. Recorded Future delivers more context than threat feeds, updates in real time so intelligence stays relevant, and centralizes information ready for human analysis, collaboration, and integration with security technologies. 91 percent of the Fortune 100 use Recorded Future. Learn more at https://www.recordedfuture.com/ and follow us on Twitter at @RecordedFuture.