Security Teams Benefit From Visibility Beyond Trending Data to Deliver Actionable Intelligence for Measurable Risk Reduction

**BOSTON, Oct. 4, 2017 /PRNewswire/** — Recorded Future, the leading threat intelligence provider, today announced Threat Views, a revolutionary way for businesses to elicit the most relevant threat intelligence available, specific to their organizations. Threat Views empower organizations to monitor threats that are trending, as well as those directly targeting their brand, assets, industry, and partner ecosystem. The views enable direct pivoting to more specific content, source data, and risk analysis.

Powered by patented machine learning, Threat Views enable delivery of extremely relevant threat intelligence in real time based on analysis of billions of data points in every language. Threat Views improve efficiency across all security functions — operations, incident response, and vulnerability management — by highlighting the most relevant threats to an organization based on a unique combination of:

  • **Dynamic Risk Scores** — updated in real time reflecting analysis of known risks associated with IP addresses, hashes, domains, and vulnerabilities.
  • **Organization-Specific Priorities** — filtered and prioritized based on an organization’s specific environment including hardware, software, industry, partner network, and more.
  • **Trend Analytics**— based on sudden, recent changes in topics of cyber threat reporting.

This unique ability to deliver highly targeted threat intelligence at scale and in real time enables analysts to spend the majority of their time analyzing intelligence that is actionable and unique to their organization’s specific threat surface. For example, a threat analyst can examine a customized view that highlights a vulnerability directly related to their organization’s software and then pivot to research specific threat actors and attack methods associated with the vulnerability.

“Threat teams have struggled to choose between tailored, human-generated intel reports and machine-generated information at scale,” says Matt Kodama, vice president of product at Recorded Future. “We think this is a false choice. By combining the power of machine learning with the risk-based analysis in Threat Views, we are uniquely positioned to deliver highly relevant threat intelligence that directly impacts risk reduction for organizations.”

The benefits of Threat Views include:

  • **Enhanced efficiency across all security functions.** Ingest and leverage intelligence that matters to your organization for threat analysts and security operations.
  • **Instant monitoring and alerting.** Receive threat intelligence with valuable context on suspicious or risky activity happening specific to you in your industry and environment, whether in alerts, search, or your real-time dashboard.
  • **Improved decision making.** Detailed views into relevant threats assist in optimizing tactics for mitigating risk operationally, while live, trending data informs strategic decision making.

“We’ve adopted Threat Views to customize the threat intelligence we receive from Recorded Future,” says a threat analyst at a top U.S. bank. “We configured it once and it continues to deliver targeted intelligence based on our specific infrastructure and areas of concern. The value of having this specific threat intelligence at our fingertips enables us to implement effective protection from emerging threats.”

To see the Recorded Future solution in action, request a live demo here.

**About Recorded Future**
Recorded Future delivers threat intelligence powered by patented machine learning to significantly lower risk. We empower organizations to reveal unknown threats before they impact business, and enable teams to respond to security alerts 10 times faster. To supercharge the efforts of analysts and SOC teams, our technology automatically collects and analyzes intelligence from technical, open, and dark web sources. Recorded Future delivers measurably more context than threat feeds alone, updates in real time so intelligence stays relevant, and packages information ready for human analysis or instant integration with existing security technology. 86% of the Fortune 100 use Recorded Future. Learn more at and follow us on Twitter at @RecordedFuture.