Recorded Future obtains the highest Net Promoter Score rating in cybersecurity analytics and intelligence

**BOSTON, Aug. 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/** — Recorded Future, the leading threat intelligence provider, today announced it has earned an outstanding Net Promoter Score (NPS®) of 60. According to results published in 2017, 60 ranks highest overall by a significant margin in Cybersecurity Analytics and Intelligence, validating Recorded Future’s ongoing commitment to providing customers with the top threat intelligence solution in the industry.

NPS is a customer loyalty metric which produces a number between -100 and +100, where -100 means everyone is a detractor and +100 means everyone is a promoter. Recorded Future conducts NPS surveys regularly to collect feedback from customers for continuous improvement. With a score of 60, Recorded Future ranks higher than any other cybersecurity analytics or intelligence company. For comparison, the widely beloved Apple iPhone ranks at 63.

The survey results also revealed that over 90 percent of the user base would recommend Recorded Future. Below is a partial list of feedback from Fortune 500 companies surveyed on their experience using Recorded Future:

  • “It’s one of my most powerful and versatile tools.”
  • “The more I use it, the more I like it.”
  • “Love the detail and interface.”
  • “Fantastic threat data. I like the futuristic headlines. One thing leads to another and in the real-world headlines, sometimes the near-future prediction is obvious given the right info that Recorded Future has.”
  • “It’s a solid research, discovery, and analysis platform — great for doing CTI work.”
  • “Recorded Future is a great threat intel tool that any company that has a threat intel team must have.”
  • “Provides excellent intelligence that is difficult to obtain any other cost-effective way.”
  • “One word, ‘awesome!'”

Visit the NPS website to view the survey results in their entirety.

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**About Recorded Future**
Recorded Future delivers threat intelligence powered by patented machine learning to significantly lower risk. We empower organizations to reveal unknown threats before they impact business, and enable teams to respond to security alerts 10 times faster. To supercharge the efforts of analysts and SOC teams, our technology automatically collects and analyzes intelligence from technical, open, and dark web sources. Recorded Future delivers measurably more context than threat feeds alone, updates in real time so intelligence stays relevant, and packages information ready for human analysis or instant integration with existing security technology. 86% of the Fortune 100 use Recorded Future. Learn more at Follow us on Twitter at @RecordedFuture.