Intelligence From Internet Background Noise

September 24, 2019 • Monica Todros

When we talk about threat intelligence, we often put it in the context of bringing information to the surface, creating context and alerts to let you know what you need to be concerned with. We also speak of cutting through the noise, of pulling the signal out and transforming it into actionable intelligence.

Our guest today is Andrew Morris. He’s CEO of GreyNoise Intelligence, a company that describes itself as “anti-threat intelligence.” That’s not to say they’re against threat intelligence — quite the opposite, in fact — but instead of focusing on what should keep you up at night, Andrew and his team analyze the background noise of the internet to determine what you don’t need to worry about. It’s a unique approach that’s perhaps a bit counterintuitive at first, but ultimately, they say it helps you filter out useless noise and focus your time and resources on what really matters.

This podcast was produced in partnership with the CyberWire.