Recorded Future Threat Intelligence Browser Extension

Our security browser extension provides instant access to threat intelligence from any web-based resource. Use it to process alerts faster within your SIEM, investigate phishing emails, prioritize vulnerabilities for patching, get more information on malware analysis results, or know what to focus on when reading any type of intelligence source. Real-time risk scores and evidence are just a click away.

Recorded Future’s Threat Intelligence Browser Extension - Your Advanced Security Extension for Chrome

Experience Intelligence Right Inside Your Browser

Context From a Single Click

Our security addon for Chrome provides an intuitive web interface gives you direct access to all of our intelligence, including Intelligence Cards that summarize information and risk on 300 million threat-related entities.

Risk Scoring for Faster Decisions

Recorded Future delivers dynamic risk scores based on real-time intelligence for a quick triage of information on any web page. All indicators on the page, enhanced through IOC enrichment, are automatically identified and displayed in order from highest to lowest risk — allowing you to confidently prioritize where to focus.

Transparent Evidence for Effective Action

Express gives Recorded Future clients full transparency into the reasoning behind our risk scores, delivering the additional real-time intelligence they need to determine their next action. Instantly know if you are dealing with a current command and control server or a vulnerability recently linked to an exploit kit.