Defend Your Changing Attack Surface

Attack Surface Intelligence
Digital transformation has led to an explosion of assets, applications, and services on the public internet, making it increasingly difficult for organizations to keep their business secure. Recorded Future Attack Surface Intelligence provides a persistent view of an organization's digital infrastructure and associated risks to stay ahead of changes, abnormalities, and exploitable vulnerabilities.
Discover and defend your entire attack surface

Gain an Outside-in View of Your Attack Surface

External Attack Surface Management (EASM) tools help organizations continually find new or exposed internet-facing assets. Recorded Future goes above and beyond; powered by the world’s largest archive of past and present DNS history, Attack Surface Intelligence proactively finds exploitable vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and out of policy assets to help organizations reduce business risk.

The power you need to reduce your attack surface

Asset Discovery and Inventory

With 10+ years of historical data and deep context on hostnames, domains, IPs, SSL certificates, and more, organizations can more easily manage their attack surface with a single pane of glass, accelerate incident response investigations, supercharge vulnerability scanning, and confidently reduce risk.

Asset Discovery and Inventory
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