Splunk SOAR

Product Overview

Orchestration and automation drive digital transformation by enabling organizations to optimize existing processes, reduce costs, fill personnel gaps, and gain a competitive edge. For SOAR solutions to work effectively, however, they require a series of defined playbooks designed to describe threats and how to handle them using repeatable, automated security workflows. These playbooks are only as smart and effective as the data used to construct them, though. Without actionable, real-time data on active and emerging threats, security teams face problems like an overload of information, a lack of context, and more.

Triage Alerts Automatically retrieve external data and context on IOCs to prioritize alerts and take immediate action

Detect Threats Initiate playbooks based on correlation of data, empowering security teams to automate responses and reduce risk

Monitor Threats Use Recorded Future alerts to stay on top of security news, events, and risk factors and respond faster with more real-time context

Hunt Threats Proactively and iteratively search through networks to detect and isolate advanced threats that evade existing security solutions

Recorded Future’s Splunk SOAR integration helps incident response teams to quickly identify high-risk security events, rule out false positives, and address low-level events through automation. For example, teams can automate the retrieval of external data for details and context on IOCs from Recorded Future in a playbook. With this intelligence from the broadest set of sources, you can trust that Splunk SOAR can automatically make real-time decisions that strengthen your organization’s security.