Recorded Future has more than 1,400 clients in 66 countries. They include the governments of 29 countries, more than 50% of the Fortune 100, and more than 40% of the Forbes Global 100.


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With more than 1,400 clients in 66 countries, Recorded Future works with companies large and small, including 4 of the top 5 global energy companies by market cap, 4 of the top 5 global tech companies by market cap, more than half of the Fortune 100, and the governments of 29 countries.

We’ve structured our team so that much of the filtering and triage is done on the front end. With machine learning and automated security intelligence from Recorded Future, only the really important alerts bubble up to my team, and there are very few false positives.

Bob Stasio-Global Cyber Threat Leader at DuPont

We know we can’t patch everything. Recorded Future helps us quickly assess and prioritize things such as phishing emails and critical vulnerabilities, which helps us focus our efforts and speed up response times to high-priority threats.

Chris Zieg-Senior Security Engineer at Land O’Lakes

Recorded Future has more than doubled the capacity and effectiveness of my team.

Judy Mayoral-Cybersecurity Manager, Hughes Federal Credit Union

Recorded Future gives us decision-making awareness. It enables SOC (security operations center) managers, or risk managers, to be proactive by aligning threat assessment and analysis, and partner integration capability so they can make those timely proactive, or sometimes reactive, decisions


Recorded Future helps save us time and money, freeing up resources to strategically focus only on relevant cyber threats.

Regions Financial Corporation

We do a lot of enrichment with Recorded Future. It allows us to prioritize alerts, prioritize risk scores for patching, a lot of things that would be hard to do with individual tools. Recorded Future allows us to integrate its information into those tools to help make educated decisions on how we handle either a threat or an incident.

Zachary Hinkel-Hogan Lovells

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