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How Recorded Future Protects US’s Critical Infrastructure

How Recorded Future Protects US’s Critical Infrastructure

Top organizations across the US’s 16 critical infrastructure sectors rely on Recorded Future’s intelligence to proactively defend against adversaries and their activities.

In today’s dynamic geopolitical landscape, we must protect the different critical infrastructure sectors with utmost diligence. By definition, the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) underscores that the sectors’ assets and systems “are considered so vital to the United States that their incapacitation or destruction would have a debilitating effect on security, national economic security, national public health or safety, or any combination thereof” (CISA).

Many organizations within the US critical infrastructure sector, including the Chemical, Emergency Services, Food and Agriculture, and Energy sectors – and more – rely on the insights and network effect of the Recorded Future Intelligence Cloud to proactively identify adversaries and their activities before they can do harm.

In addition to the companies in the critical infrastructure sectors, 40 sovereign governments around the world leverage intelligence from Recorded Future for the overall security of their countries and to protect critical sectors, along with their digital and physical assets.

How clients use Recorded Future Intelligence Cloud to protect the critical infrastructure sector:

Identify Supply Chain Risk with Vendor Risk Scores

Large US Agriculture Company: When evaluating a potential vendor to contract, a prominent US agriculture company discovered that despite a vendor’s well marketed security documentation and accreditations, their risk score in the Recorded Future Intelligence Platform had recently dropped to a concerning level. This Third-Party Intelligence helped the agriculture company make an informed decision about the vendor’s maturity and trustworthiness before doing business with them.

Take Action on Intelligence Through Seamless Integrations with Security Tools

Fortune 500 US. Chemical Company: Unlike their complication-ridden experience using integrations from other vendors, a US chemical company found that Recorded Future’s integration with their vulnerability response provider was straightforward and immediately provided value to their team. The chemical company reported experiencing multiple issues causing systems to break when using integrations through other intelligence vendors. As a result of the positive experience with Recorded Future, the chemical company is looking to expand its usage with Recorded Future rather than seeking additional vendors.

Provide Timely Intelligence Before Other Sources

US Hospital System: A US hospital system has noticed that Recorded Future’s intelligence is significantly more timely than another intelligence vendor they use. The hospital reports that many of the indicators of compromise (IOCs) that Recorded Future provides surfaced in the Recorded Future Intelligence Platform several days before their other intelligence vendor incorporates the data point.

Time-Saving Intelligence on Alerts

US Energy Company: Before using Recorded Future, a US energy company relied on manual, time-consuming research to dig into alerts in their security information and event management (SIEM). Now, the energy company instead turns to the Recorded Future Intelligence Platform to research alerts and obtain quick, actionable intelligence to determine their next steps.

Conduct Deep Investigations with Advanced Query Builder

Global Internet Infrastructure Company: To understand their threat landscape and the risks pertinent to their business, a global internet infrastructure company uses Recorded Future’s advanced query builder for deep-dive investigations into specific threats in a simple and efficient manner.

Identify a Potential Phishing Campaign Before It Causes Harm

US Financial Services Company: Recorded Future alerted a US financial services company of an extensive campaign of more than 100 suspected phishing sites, all registered within one week’s time, prompting the team to set up additional monitoring to watch the sites and quickly act to dismantle the campaign if it, in fact, was a malicious effort targeting their company.

Save Analyst Time with Managed Services

Global Telecommunications Company: Using Recorded Future’s Managed Services, a global telecommunications company reports that its Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) team significantly reduced the time its analysts spent to reach confident conclusions on threats – much faster than before.

Identify the Source of Vendor Breaches

US Energy Company: After a US energy company’s vendor disclosed that it had recently experienced a breach – without being forthcoming with any other details on the event, the energy company used Recorded Future to quickly identify the exact ransomware its vendor had been hit with and passed this information up to their leadership team.

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