Why You Need Recorded Future’s Ultimate Security Intelligence Kit

Posted: 7th July 2020

Security intelligence isn’t cryptic data that only makes sense to top analysts, or a separate security domain, or disparate information from various corners of the web. It’s actionable, contextual intelligence that empowers every security function to work smarter and faster.

Recorded Future puts elite security intelligence at your fingertips — enabling you to disrupt adversaries and defend your organization. The Ultimate Security Intelligence Kit is our brand new resource that gives you immediate access to everything you need to get started — for free.

What Is The Ultimate Security Intelligence Kit?

Practical, authoritative, and wide-ranging, The Ultimate Security Intelligence Kit is a one-stop shop for resources and guidance throughout your security intelligence journey. You’ll discover what security intelligence means, how it works, and all of the ways it benefits your organization.

Register today to unlock your free access to this curated collection of white papers, reports, videos, podcasts, e-books, interactive tools, and more. Be sure to bookmark the page — we have a feeling you’ll return often to explore the expert research and insider content.

The Ultimate Security Intelligence Kit at a Glance

Want to explore use cases? Learn best practices? Chart your security intelligence journey or mature your program? This curated collection has it all:

  • [E-Book] 4 Ways to Supercharge Your Security With Intelligence
  • [Webinar] Adopting Risk-Based Cybersecurity at Your Organization
  • [Video] Automating Security With Recorded Future
  • [E-Book] Beyond SOAR: 5 Ways to Automate Security With Intelligence
  • [Podcast] The Business Case for Risk-Based Cybersecurity
  • [Pulse Report] Financial Sector Ransomware Attacks on the Rise
  • [Podcast] Mitigating Threat Actors’ Shift Toward Automation
  • [Webinar] Moving Toward Predictive Security Intelligence
  • [Demo] Personalized Recorded Future Demo
  • [Webinar] Predict the Predictable and Manage What’s Not
  • [Podcast] Putting Artificial Intelligence to Work
  • [Browser Extension] Recorded Future Express
  • [E-Book] The Risk Business: What CISOs Need to Know About Risk-Based Cybersecurity
  • [Report] SANS Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) Survey, 2020
  • [White Paper] Security Intelligence: Driving Security From Analytics to Action
  • [White Paper] The Security Intelligence Graph
  • [Podcast] Security That Fits the Needs of the Organization
  • [Video] What Is Security Intelligence?
  • [E-Book] The Threat Intelligence Handbook, Second Edition
  • [Report] The Total Economic Impact™ of Recorded Future

Get The Ultimate Security Intelligence Kit now to accelerate your security intelligence journey.