Tripwire Series on Cyber Intelligence

Posted: 21st January 2014
Tripwire Series on Cyber Intelligence

Tripwire’s State of Security blog is running an interesting series on cyber intelligence with Dragos Security.

The first post in the series – An Introduction to Cyber Intelligence – discusses developments in DoD’s “Joint Publication (JP) 2-0 Joint Intelligence” (PDF) and particularly highlights how “intelligence tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) as well as various types of operations existed long before cyberspace was conceived.”

Here is a sample of what you’ll get from the full post:

The key here is making sure the data meets some goal or purpose and is not just ‘intelligence for intelligence’s sake’ (dragnet type intelligence operations actually hinder analysts and negatively impacts security; I’ll address the topic of privacy being crucial to security in a presentation to TROOPERS 2014 in March). This definition is applicable to cyber intelligence and we can simply apply the sources and efforts of the collection, processing, analyzing, and using of the intelligence to cyberspace related topics.