Transnistria: The Next Crimea?

Posted: 19th March 2019
Transnistria: The Next Crimea?

Tucked along Moldova’s eastern border with Ukraine, the little-known autonomous region of Transnistria might just be the next flashpoint in the ongoing Ukraine saga. Home to some 200,000 ethnic Russians – as well as a contingent of 2,000 Russian troops – Transnistria may well find longed-for recognition from a willing Russian partner.

For its part, Russia can use its staging ground in Transnistria to exert continued pressure on Ukraine through Odessa, a major Ukrainian seaport. Protests here have mirrored protests in Ukraine as a whole, with contingents of both pro- and anti-Russian demonstrators taking to the streets.

The below Recorded Future map view provides geographical context for this high-stakes game of geopolitics. An interactive view of the map is available here.

Russian Troops in Transnistria

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Interestingly, recent data highlighted by Recorded Future shows Russian military movements have taken place in Transnistria, possibly for designs to move on Odessa. A particularly prescient tweet suggests just such a possibility.

Amidst calls from residents for accession to Russia - and at least one member of the Russian Duma calling for its recognition - Transnistria is poised to be a focal point for future Russian aggression in Ukraine.

Could it be the next Crimea?