Working With ThreatConnect to Give Cyber Attacks Context

Posted: 21st May 2014
By: S3

Recorded Future recently partnered with our friends at ThreatConnect to provide geopolitical context to their excellent analysis on cyber espionage in the South China Sea. We love this quote by the ThreatConnect team:

By proactively seeking to routinely acquire and fuse technical and non-technical geopolitical context to seemingly isolated security events, organizations can develop a richer understanding of sophisticated threats.

As we’ve demonstrated in previous entries on Ukraine and Russia, cyber threats associated with state actors rarely occur in a vacuum. Cyber attacks are one of many tools for a nation, and when put into a geopolitical context, patterns usually emerge.

Below is an excerpt from ThreatConnect’s post titled, “Piercing the Cow’s Tongue: China Targeting South China Seas Nations.”

Significant real world events such as clashes between China and other nations within the SCS, noteworthy popular public demonstrations against regional Chinese aggression, US diplomatic shows of support to opposition of China’s growing assertiveness, attempts by Southeast Asian nations attempts to draw outside influence to counter Chinese pressure in maritime territorial disputes, and Chinese military posturing in the East China Sea, will serve as a catalyst for Chinese cyber espionage …

Go here on the ThreatConnect blog to read the complete analysis.