9 Metrics That Prove the ROI of Threat Intelligence

Posted: 23rd August 2018

It’s no secret that the cybersecurity community is understaffed and overworked.

Analysts have to wade through cascades of alerts from tools that don’t do enough to automate data collection or eliminate false positives. Threat actors have grown more confident, capable, and persistent. And as the number of cybersecurity jobs continues to grow at a pace that fast outstrips the current workforce, one person often has to do the job of many.

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Some presentations at Black Hat 2018 raised awareness on the growing number of mental health issues present in the industry, many of them brought on by the stress of the work.

Threat Intelligence Saves You Time and Money

Could threat intelligence be the solution? A new white paper from IDC suggests it could go a long way.

IDC interviewed Recorded Future’s customers and dived deep into the data to determine whether incorporating a threat intelligence solution into their cybersecurity suites had increased the efficiency of their security teams and helped them reduce business costs.

The results were promising, to say the least.

In a white paper titled “Organizations React to Security Threats More Efficiently and Cost Effectively With Recorded Future,” researchers at IDC concluded that Recorded Future “provides a universal threat intelligence solution.”

Below is an infographic and video that summarize the results. To read the full white paper, download your copy now.

IDC Infographic