Thoughts on Complex Event Analysis for Competitive Intelligence

Posted: 19th August 2010
Thoughts on Complex Event Analysis for Competitive Intelligence

Friend of Recorded Future and competitive intelligence expert Franz Dill added some thoughtful context to our recent entry on analyzing complex events to reveal subtle patterns:

“I have been involved in a number of projects that dealt with focused and unfocused competitive intelligence. These are most useful when they utilize human domain expertise to do searches and look ups – and then combine what is found into a useful outline that synthesises the results.

What is often lost are precisely those subtle patterns that search cannot find. Human experts may find it, but they are often not given the right data. Or if they have the right data, cannot quantitatively compare results. Combinatorically too, there may be too many patterns to compare. Time domain aspects of a problem are hard to manage. It is also problem being addressed by interactive, visual business intelligence.”

You can read more of his thoughts on the business application of emerging technologies at his personal blog, The Eponymous Pickle, and test Recorded Future for competitive intelligence analysis today!